Free book - Beyond Collapse

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by ATCclears, Nov 25, 2012.

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    Many thanks! :thumbup:
    Definitely worth a detailed look. And I do buy paper copies of the ebooks I like.
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    Thank you for this link. I have a hard time picturing such a total collapse as this book presents, simply because so many people are willing to work so hard when times get hard. But I agree with the author on how weak the whole supply chain is, and it is certainly feasible for things to go south in a hurry.

    Remember November 16th? Hostess shut down, and by midafternoon there wasn't a Twinkie on any store shelf in America. Hostess had multiple factories in most states, we had them in Portland and Salem. Almost every single food store carried them, across the country. Gone in a few hours.

    If you are one of those folks who is starting to stockpile grain or other long term foodstuffs, but haven't yet purchased a grain grinder, quit putting that off. Lots of basic survival items are really rare compared with the former presence of Twinkies. There aren't near enough items like that, which help provide basic personal food processing ability, to go around. You really have to get set up now, while times are comparatively good.

    Remember when ammo disappeared in 2009, over an election scare? Most of us have enough ammo. Few of us have an adequately sized water tank for long term use. There aren't many out there to buy. Get it now, before you feel you really need it. Sure, this is Oregon, and you can drink from the creek. If sewer and sanitation services ever go down, it will be impossible to keep all of your neighbors from polluting all ground water.

    Lots of food that works well for long term storage is remarkably cheap. Restaurant supply stores are happy to have your business. 25 pounds of lentils costs about the same as a single meal plus tip in a cheap sit down restaurant. Buying one or two big bags of long term storable food a week won't hurt much financially. You can do this now. You won't be able to in an emergency.

    Remember the Twinkie.
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    Yes, remember the Twinkies. Under their Warrior-King Creamfillingidus at Thermalcouple, a mere 300 of them held held off the the massive slave-armies of the Pistachio empire that were comprised of Blue-Diamond almond warriors, Planter's peanut cavalry, the ravenous barbarian consortium from the conquered Lay's chips regions, the nefarious and secretive Little Debbie and BIMBO bakery guild that were rumored to use witchcraft and sorcerers.... Remember the Twinkies, tell your children they stood for freedom... Remember the Twinkies


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