FoxPro 416B Digital Predator Caller

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    FoxPro model 416B Digital predator call.

    Remote control up to 200 yards
    External speaker jack
    Programmable for up to 16 sounds (16 pre-programmed sounds listed below)
    External input jack (for plugging in I-Pod etc...)
    External accessory jack (for plugging in decoy)

    Factory sounds included:
    Coyote Locater
    Interrogation Howl
    Malle Challenge Howl
    Female Coyote invitation howl
    Coyote pup distress #2
    Red fox pup
    Bobcat in heat
    Jackrabbit distress
    Rabbit distress #2
    Rodent distress
    Fawn bawl
    Prarie dog distress
    Woodpecker distress
    Starling distress
    Crow fight
    Prairie dog whistle
    Or trade for decent 4-12x40 matte rifle scope
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