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Discussion in 'Questions, Problems, & Feedback' started by Spec.-K, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Spec.-K

    Spec.-K Longview, WA Active Member

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    Hi everyone.

    Do you think we should amend the forum rules to state that when there is a classified ad, the interested party needs to specifically state "I'll take it!" openly so that people don't spend their time trying, hoping, and wondering if they'll get the deal they've openly agreed to...?

    If the person is there viewing the listing, it takes all of 3 seconds(even using the hunt-and-peck method) to remove all doubt of who really is serious about purchasing an item, and I think the out-in-the-open "I'll take it!" is best way.
    If the person doesn't take that 3 seconds or less, they shouldn't be able to superceed the public offer.

    I think we should make it more transparent, though still leave it up to the seller.
    If its a logistics nightmare to wait for the person to come into town or pay, the seller should still have the right to move on to the next viable canidate, or to agree to the terms in their PM.

    We all love a good deal, do our best to be good community members, and do our best to honor our deals.
    So do you as a forum member believe we could change it for the better...?
    Please let me know what you think, and maybe we can make it better for us all.
  2. Mandodoc

    Mandodoc Battle Ground, WA Member

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    No. An I'll take it stops others from asking to purchase the item. It should be up to the OP to determine when the item is sold, not the buyer.
  3. Spec.-K

    Spec.-K Longview, WA Active Member

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    It never stops anyone from calling "seconds" or so on...
  4. mudflatmike

    mudflatmike Lake Stevens, Wa. Active Member

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    I always post "I'll take it" then send the PM. It doesn't take up alot of forum space and makes my intention crystal clear.
  5. SquackDaddy

    SquackDaddy Marion County Member

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    What if you want the item, but still want to "haggle" a little before agreeing to purchase? Posting "I'll take it" means that you will take it, for the FULL AMOUNT ASKED. I can see a problem with this, so I believe the rules are fine as they are.....no use convoluting them more than they already are...... :)
  6. eldbillbo

    eldbillbo clackamas New world samurai and a redneck none the less Bronze Supporter

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    I agree . Keep it the way it is. There is no perfect system to make every one happy. Change it to suit some and it won't suite others.

    Also the " I'll take it " can hurt your sale if its posted by a fly by meaning now every one thinks its sold and the "i'll take it guy falls off the planet" has happened to me on ar15.com and it takes 72 hrs before you can reply to your own post saying its still available. Grant it you can stick it to that person with the big ole -1 but big deal if he has only one post and will never be here again.
  7. pchewn

    pchewn Beaverton Oregon USA Well-Known Member

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    Where are these rules about "I'll take it" notification in the classified ads? I read the rules here: Northwest Firearms Community - Forum Rules

    Those rules do not say anything about how buyers/sellers can come to an agreement on who is buying, and for what price.

    For example: If a buyer lists something for $100 and someone says "I'll take it." Does this mean that the price has been agreed to?

    What if this is followed by another person with: "I'll take it for $125" -- should the seller be obligated to sell to the 1st "I'll take it", or can he elect to choose the $125 offer?

    How about you agree on a price and when the buyer sees the product in real life he decides not to buy it (maybe it is not quite the quality he expected)? This would be a good reason to never close your ad until the money and the product have exchanged hands....

    Personally, I think the seller (or buyer) should be able to decide who he wants to sell to, at what price, at any time up until money and product change hands.
  8. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    Anyone can post I'll take it if they wish but it doesn't hold the seller to any binding agreement unless he agrees to the deal
  9. bruzer

    bruzer Grants Pass, OR Well-Known Member

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    If I want something but can't commit I will post "Sent you a PM" instead of "I'll take it". I might end up "Taking It" but I know that I am not in the position to commit at that very moment. That way everyone knows something is going on but nothing final has been done. I don't like to put "I'll take it" and when my Financial Adviser gets home I have to back out of the deal.
    What bothers me more is months after something has been sold the thread is still open and nothing about it being sold. Until I PM and get the response, "It's been sold".
  10. Abiqua

    Abiqua Oregon Active Member

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    I don't necessarily want everyone knowing what I'm buying. As a seller I don't post "sold to xxxxx" unless the buyer has already made it public.
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  11. Stomper

    Stomper Oceania Rising White Is The New Brown Silver Supporter

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    OK, lets get this straight right now... all the cool stuff being sold in the classifieds, I get first dibs on it... the rest of you can just wait. :D
  12. Spec.-K

    Spec.-K Longview, WA Active Member

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    There are many good points, and good ways of conduct mentioned, but I'm not sure about offering more to snake a deal out from under someone...
    If a person agrees to meet there listed price, I would never offer more on the sly.
    Instead I'd just be happy someone got a sweet deal and hope another will come around for me(as I have seen many come and go).

    It's that when those sweet deals come along, I have jumped on them, only to find that I was not the first to claim such a prize, when I was the first to post that I was actually claiming the prize...
  13. 97321

    97321 Albany Active Member

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    I believe most members conduct themselves with pretty good manners here. I would prefer to depend upon that, and suffer the few exceptions, than to see the site unnecessarily fettered by rules. That being said, it's certainly worthwhile to start threads like this from time to time to remind people of what constitutes good manners.