Former SCOTUS Judge, John Paul Stevens, who was one of the most militantly anti-RKBA justice, who advocated for a full repeal of the 2A, has passed from this life: Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens dies at 99
Good journey. May you meet RBG soon
Sorry, but im not sorry to see him go, one of the most anti freedom justices of recent times! Rust in pieces, good riddance!

Exactly my sentiment too. (I don't wish to speak ill of the dead, but I'm also not going to be losing any precious sleep on this one either. Any American, justice or otherwise, who advocates a repeal of the 2A is most assuredly not pro-freedom, but rather advocates serfdom. And that is putting it as charitably as I can. :p)





I feel the same way about this former judge as I do about other judges and politicians in ALL parties that are against the Second Amendment, against the Constitution, and continue to screw, steal from and lie to the American citizen in more ways than one. Alive or dead!

When he made some more comments about the RKBA issue after he retired - I thought that it was one of the most disgusting and anti American things that I had ever heard on the radio and boob tube and read. (Transcript.)

He was NOT a friend to the RKBA issue or to the American gun gal or guy.


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