The fact that political and media anti-gun stooges want to abridge or remove my RIGHT to own an AR (or AK) or any semi-auto is reason enuff in my book to obtain 1 or 2 or 3...
now that you mention it, I haven't heard one complaint from the left that AK47's need to be banned! Even though it's a lot more powerful and holds just as much ammo.
This guy was interviewed extensively after the Jan 6th confrontation. He came across as a TV natural (some folks are).
He was further interviewed by the House Investigating bunch, again coming across as a natural. He saw his calling. That
being a CNN hack. He retired from law enforcement and joined CNN. I suggest he'll soon have a book out and CNN will
pimp the cheit out of it. I'm further sure he's making a lot more money than when in LE. Opinions are OK in normal con-
versation but when put forth as an authoritarian source on national TV it's criminal. And as others in this thread have
suggested another LE person with a differing opinion should have been presented. Better yet have a debate.

^^^That's the polite version.

STFU, you don't know dick, dickface.

^^^That was not.
I was thinking the same thing.....minus the sexual part.

Being a LEO, even for 20 years, does not make one a firearms expert. That article was nothing more than a list of uninformed opinions.


Oh c’mon…. You were thinking the (sexual) part, too! o_O

It’s an inserted “mental hook” to grab the reader’s attention…. plus it’s a bonus when hooks are good for a chuckle when ridiculing absurdity. ;):D
I'm going to post some lines I read from a CNN article by Michael Fanone who is a CNN law enforcement analyst who served for 20 years with the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department. Link to article here:

I thought many of these quotes were really weird and some downright face palming: (I will use parentheses when injecting my own thoughts/rebuttals)

(Throughout the article, he doesn't elaborate further on why he thinks this... and he doesn't explain how anyone was misled. What were they told that misled them? Nobody knows, apparently.)

(How many people have you talked to? I could give you an answer instantly: they're accurate, fun on the range, and has a lot of power)

(You had me at the ad hominem, but I'm still confused why the idea of tyranny is unfathomable when so many other countries have done it, and are doing it right now)

(I don't think that's how bullet proof vests work... if it slices through like butter then you're wearing a vest from wish .com)

(we all know how accurate the police are...)

(Feeding dozens of rounds in the space of minutes? That sounds like literally any gun in existence if you can reload even at half-pace. You still haven't gone over why we are singling out an AR-15 for having 30 rounds magazines and not pretty much any other semi auto rifle, or even some extended magazines on handguns..)

(Michael, come on man, you literally just said the police all have AR-15's, but somehow were still overmatched to a single shooter? The police didn't even try to go in, waiting outside for an hour and doing nothing.)

(It is a fact that they did. The police have those rifles, too. There's pictures of them with them... Or is this a plea to up their budget? I'm not following.)

(Wouldn't it be great if people didn't murder? I think you just solved violent crime, Michael)

(A dollar per round for a .223 or 5.56? Where the bubblegum are you shopping for ammo at? I've seen cheaper prices than that in California. Especially when you get a LEO discount on ammo in a lot of places)

(is that for you to decide what people need? How would you know what the needs of someone is? we call that a slippery slope)

(I think you're overestimating the arguments you made if you meet them to the conclusion of 'no brainer')

(As are the law in almost every state in the country. And when people in one of those states receives a background check, passes it, then commits a violent crime, nobody brings up the fact that he passed the background check)

(What?! That's literally what confiscation is. You just contradicted yourself about 3 times in one sentence.)

(first off, good luck getting that past a supreme court. Second, this would just push people to the black market where you have even less control)

(So people 21 and older are emotionally stable? (obviously not - a lot of the mass shootings he references were carried out by people 21 and older). 18 year olds are a huge risk? Why are they allowed to join the military then, and fire actual machine guns?)

(Civilian demand doesn't equate to criminal demand. In fact, if civilian demand is down, criminal demand is usually up. And that goes for any product or service.)

(They really don't, because it's impossible to know what someone's intentions are when they purchase a gun. They can say it's for self defense and pass any test you give them, then immediately go out and commit a violent crime with it.)

(Most PD's have AR-15's, body armor, and ammo, so I don't know why they would worry about being outgunned by another AR-15..)

Overall I think this article is completely stupid and I would like to hear what this community thinks.
They all do that.
No one needs....pick whatever you want here.

What is interesting to me about the 2nd Amendment is what it does not say.
As in....
"...the right to keep and bear Arms...but only Arms of specific types and for specific uses shall not be infringed."
Nowhere in the 2nd Amendment does it state that someone must provide a reason to own firearms...
Nor does it say just what can own or not.
It simply say "Arms".

Own what you want...or not...just don't make that choice for others.
He’s just like my representative, he’s got over 20 years of law-enforcement (desk jockey), it’s prior military (Lt) and he doesn’t think that a civilian should own military style weapons. We’ve had many a tense argument the last 12 years (I can’t for the life of me believe that this hack gets reelected every time) about the fact that he pro ports that he is a staunch supporter of the 2A, I called him a liar. He was so upset that he sent a reply saying “If you say I’m anti anti-Second Amendment then where do I turn in my guns, I have many.” I fired right back with “Any sheriffs office will gladly accept your FUDD guns.”
What a DICK!!!
Last Edited:
I don't know about you, but I have run into a clerk or two over the years at every kind of store that wants to get a little too chatty for my tastes and my normal reaction is to just STFU and move on. Like no Karen, I don't feel like I need to tell you why I am buying 2 bottles of tequila, a watermelon and Pam cooking spray. :rolleyes:

And I'll be darned if I'm going waste any of my time in a gun store justifying to a rando behind the counter why I am buying what I am buying
This happens to me often, and usually I'm buying some old and obscure milsurp that's seen better days. "You could get four Anderson ARs for that!" they say, and I just chuckle knowing what I know and knowing what little they know. Then they begin the rant, which always includes the damage to their indoor range walls being caused by "extreme leftists trying to destroy their property" and NOT dumb redneck/kids playing SWAT and not knowing squat. I'm properly the furthest left of any customer in the place anyway ;)

Different guy with same ridiculous garbage spewing from his mouth.
The guy doesn't even know how to properly shoulder the rifle. It's actually recoiling to the right because he's not even behind the gun. He's stabbing at the trigger like a movie actor. Can't walk the walk or even talk the talk, but let's put him on TV. :rolleyes:

"Most of these probably won't hit the target." Yeah, because you SUCK.
The guy doesn't even know how to properly shoulder the rifle. It's actually recoiling to the right because he's not even behind the gun. He's stabbing at the trigger like a movie actor. Can't walk the walk or even talk the talk, but let's put him on TV. :rolleyes:

"Most of these probably won't hit the target." Yeah, because you SUCK.
Fr, if you can't hit a 10 yard target with an ar-15 it goes beyond any kind of disability.

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