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    My back hurts just watching those trial tests.

    Here's my 1955 Jeep toy.
    Built Chevy 250 straight six, married to a Ford Bronco 3 speed top loader and an original Borg Warner synchronized overdrive.
    Power steering and brakes.

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    A number of the vehicles in that film are Bantam, Willys and Fords pre Jeep as we know it.

    The ones being crated were being crated on the docks on the East coast headed for Europe either for lend lease or for us to use. This is why there never has been a jeep in a box for sale. They were crated just prior to being loaded.

    The Willys or Ford preproduction models being shown doing the mogals and trying to snap the necks and submarine the kidneys on the occupants would have been Willys MA's or Ford GP's if you could see the grills clearer I could tell which.
    The one driving up the front steps of the capital building is a Ford Budd a model that was never tested or considered.

    The ones creating the smoke screen are Bantam Reconnaissance cars BRC-60s a pre production model the military ordered 60 of for testing they all went to Russia on the lend lease

    The pretty military model that morphs into the CJ-3A Universal 1949-52 single piece windshield (third civilian model after the CJ-2 Ag Jeep and the CJ-2A) is a std. Willys MB the military jeep everyone thinks of as being the WWII jeep Although Ford made almost as many GPWs

    The scenes towards the end showing a bunch of Jeeps and guys in civilian clothing would have been that start of the Jeep Clubs and Jamborees that started in the late 50's and were very popular in the 60's My Jeep CHUG A LUG was one of the Charter Members of the Salem Jeep Club in Salem Oregon formed by my dad and 9 other guys. I am currently rebuilding it and hope to have it back on the road within a year.

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