I love guns! I know, they're practical; they're for protection against ne'er-do-wells, home invaders, and tyranny, but at the end of the day, I just love me some guns. Sometimes I love the mechanical operation or the visual appearance or the durability/ruggedness of a particular design or the utility of another OR sometimes one just calls out to me. Every time I think I've found a new favorite, I find myself falling in love again with one (or all) I already have in my safe too. Everything from single shot 22s to pump action shotguns to ARs to semi auto pistols to lever guns and back. There are those who see guns as merely tools, but they interest me a lot more than a socket set or drill press ever has. I grew up with my Red Ryder close to hand so maybe that's where my love affair started.

So here's to guns! Post a pic of one you love. Share a story of one you love. What makes a gun special to you?

I'll start off with a picture I've posted before of one of my favorites (although, if I'm honest, most of them are my favorite). Remington made Marlin 1894CSBL in .357 mag:

And one of my Ruger SP-101 in 22lr I spent a long time (months?) polishing on and off by hand:

So here is my favorite.
It is my Hawken Rifle Copy , made by Loren "Doc" Brown.
.54 caliber Orion barrel with a 1-72 twist , a Ron Long lock and a hand made stock , made from a local walnut tree that was hit by lightening.

I have had this rifle for over 20 years.
It is the rifle I shoot the most and best with.
Many a rifle match has been won with it and it has kept me fed .

It is a good looking , good shooting and easy carrying rifle.
When I shoot it and maintain it , I think of Doc and other friends who have passed as well as :
Hunts gone on...
Shots made ( and missed at times )
Rendezvous and time shared with friends...
The work I put into getting the money to buy it...the time spent in learning how to load and shoot it well.

Many folks consider their firearms just as tools....and that is fine for them.
My Hawken is more than a tool...there are those memories mentioned above which is a large part of how I feel about my Hawken.
Also , I have used this rifle so much , that it is almost a part of me.
A lot of "me" has gone into this rifle...
If you get that , you understand , if you don't , then there ain't much I can say that will help here...
As what I feel for this rifle is very personal.
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