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    A thought about communication during a disaster....

    The idea of the need for communication has been covered by the HAM Radio thread but for a vast majority of us folks and situations another route of getting the information is critical.

    As we found out during more recent events when a moderate to large scale disaster of some sort hits us, one of the first things to go is communication. Yes, a good radio and TV may be good. Having a long distance contact is another good idea - You can use this person as your contact for family and friends, in cases of a localized disaster the long distance numbers may still be up.

    A good website for Western Washington residents -

    From the RPIN Website:
    Breaking News for Citizens in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties
    Be in touch. Stay in touch.
    The Regional Public Information Network is your one-stop resource for news alerts from more than 75 government, transportation, utility, health and emergency response agencies serving citizens in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

    RPIN keeps the public informed about street and highway closures, weather, major transit disruptions, and provides updates on what agencies are doing to respond to emergencies and incidents. The public also can sign up to receive e-mail alerts and pager headlines from RPIN partners and get helpful tips to prepare for emergencies.

    Remember to have enough supplies, food, batteries and/or source of power for at least 3 days. I recommend at least a week.

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