For Sale/Trade: Special Edition Spikes Tactical Full FDE magpul AR 15

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by supersixone, Sep 12, 2013.

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    selling this gun at a loss so I can purchase another gun I want. Price is firm because I need enough to get my other gun. This rifle costs 1400$ I am letting you steal it from me for 1000$. 1K no less.

    Its a spikes Tactical full rifle, upper lower and bcg is spikes store bought not put together from parts. The whole rifle is FDE, most FDE you see are two toned black and a few parts. This whole rifle is matched FDE. Magpul furniture, and 2 magpul FDE mags magpul vert grip, grip, for end, buttstock, extended trigger guard, extended bolt release lever. It has 200$ SJC big brake, and 150$ Troy Battle sights. Very low round count. one small scratch on receiver, otherwise very clean and unabused.

    It is a special Molon Labe (Come Take it) edition. It has Molon Labe embossed on the trigger guard, mag release, charging handle, and dust cover along with a spartan helmet on the dust cover.

    Everyone has a black rifle, and AR15. This one is special and stands out the only full FDE factory not home painted rifles you see around are SCARS and ACRS at 3k.

    This one is tight and right factory build. more pictures available.
    Will trade for:
    trades considered: plus cash or guns on my end if needed.

    AR pistol w flaming pig noveske brake
    Kriss Vector
    Keltec RFB
    Keltec bullpup shotgun
    308 AR10 type
    custom Rem 700
    FN PS90
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