For Sale/Trade: Ernie Ball Music Man Siloutte Prototype, original

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    Dog has cancer, so I'm selling lots of stuff. This guitar is up for grabs. Would consider a trade for something cool though.

    Old school EBMM Silhouette guitar. Burnt Orange color. Overall excellent condition, with just a couple minor cosmetic blemishes. Comes with original case and EBMM strap.

    I have had two guitar experts inspect this, and sent photos of it to EBMM customer service. It is authentic, and has no serial number which means this is a prototype made in 1985. It's a one-of-a-kind with some real history, being 28 years old and being in great condition.

    Includes an original guitar hard case and guitar strap and some manual tuners.

    Fresh strings just installed. This guitar rocks! Own a classic.

    This guitar is worth $2,000 to the right person.

    Will trade for quality gun(s) (ONLY in Washington), factory ammo, or silver bullion at spot, reliable running heavy duty pickup truck, or other interesting trades in my favor.




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