WTS WA For Sale: Starr 1858 DA .44 revolver exc. cond.

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    Starr Arms Company double action Army revolver in .44. This Civil War era blackpowder revolver was one of the first double-actions ever produced in large quantities. Marked ‘STARR ARMS Co. NEW YORK’ on the left side, ‘STARR’S PATENT JAN. 15 1856’ on the right. Matching serial no. 7348 on cylinder and frame. ‘L’ proof mark on frame. Quality is outstanding for its age, with very minimal wear on parts of the barrel, frame, and cylinder. Bore is very good, with strong rifling. Reblued in the 1950s, with minor rust and pitting. The grips are the original walnut, with expected wear for the age. See images. This is obviously pre-1899 and blackpowder, so no FFL is required. $700 SOLD. PayPal preferred for out-of-state sales.

    Year of manufacture: 1862-1863
    Caliber: .44 Percussion
    Chambers: 6
    Barrel length: 6 in.
    Action: SA / DA
    Weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz.

    IMG_3358.JPG IMG_3359.JPG IMG_3371.JPG IMG_3369.JPG IMG_3368.JPG IMG_3367.JPG IMG_3353.JPG IMG_3361.JPG
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    Very nice...!
    Many of these revolvers saw service in the Plains Indian Wars of the 1860's and 1870's.
    Plus Clint Eastwood used one in the movie "Unforgiven"....:D
    Good luck with your sale.
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