For Sale: Burris AR-536, essentially new

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    I have a safe-queen of a Burris AR-536 I would like to sell to make room/money for some other things I'd like to pick up.

    Its literally new. Mounted, sighted in, and now removed and sitting in its box. Everything is there and in perfect condition...scope, sunshade, flip-cap covers, paperwork, hell...even the lens cloth.

    Pictures provided upon request. I have 300 or so feedback on eBay, and a few on ARFcom, all under my usual screenname, Kagetora. Will ship anywhere in the US for $295. I'm posting this in a few places, and, frankly, the notification of IM's systems on some sites is lackluster, so just e-mail me:

    I'll happily accept PayPal so long as its a "gift", with no firearms-related text. Or we can do a money order if you prefer that. I'll also accept a personal check, but I'll have to wait until my bank tells me it clears before I ship. I'm in Everett, so if you want to do FTF, it'll have to be somewhere near that.

    Thanks for looking.

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