For Sale: 4.5 inch XDm Bi Tone 9mm $650

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    I am selling my XDm Bi Tone 4.5 inch 9mm carry set up. Price includes weapon (purchased new 12/31/2011), all the XDm goodies and case, 3 total 19 round Springfield Magazines, a crossbreed Supter Tuck IWB concealment holster, and a box of 50 Speer Gold Dot 124 grain +P defense rounds.

    This gun is in great condition, always cleaned after shooting and stored in bedroom. I have all the original paperwork from my purchase including the factory fired 9mm round.

    The crossbreed holster is really solid, I have the same model for my other gun Kahr K9 and swear by them. It is full adjustable and comfortable to wear even with a large framed gun.

    The Speer is top of the line defense ammo. It cycles perfectly through the XDm (everything does, zero jams since I purchased).

    I will sell the whole package for 650 cash or best offer if multiple requests come in. I am located here in Portland and would be avaliable all week for face to face meets. If you are from out of state then we would need to use FFL Transfer, which is fine but I will pass the additional costs of shipping and FFL fee on to you. If I need to ship the weapon I will need to receive a money order made out to me ahead of shipping. If you are an Oregon resident we can meet for the face to face sale, CHL preferred but would sell to anyone with valid ODL.

    Respond to this message and we can get a meet set up.

    I have pictures I can email you if you are seriously interested.


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