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    From Joyce Wilson, IDPA Executive Director: "The International Defensive Pistol Association is proud to announce their endorsement of Donald Trump for President of the United States. There has never been an election with more serious potential outcomes for firearms owners and shooters as the one we are facing in November, 2016. This is the first time that IDPA has officially endorsed a candidate for any elected office. We have never felt this strongly about the potential risks this upcoming election brings." READ
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    Seems like it's Trump '16 or bust...


    Who's next?
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    Dudes crazy as the mad hatter sometimes but I'm voting for him over that crazy chick.

    I figure it will go really well or be as bad as they already are for the country.

    Watched Captain America: Age of Ultron and noticed the difference in moral values between him and the people from the current time.

    Yea, I know it's scifi but it kinda hits the nail on the head when it comes to how people act now as opposed to 70 years ago...
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    This will be a landmark election for gun rights. It needs to be taken very seriously.

    It was said that were it not for his anti gun stance, Al Gore would have won. The Dems believed it enough that they backed way off on gun control until Sandy Hook which they were able to take full advantage of.

    Since then, numerous successes and the help of Bloomberg money has given them enough confidence that some are once again campaigning on gun control.

    Bill Clinton himself has in the past called the slimmest majority a "mandate." If Hillary wins they will claim the American public has spoken on guns.

    If Hillary loses they will once again decide that gun control is costing them elections and it will go away for a while.
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    I don't see much happening legislatively on gun rights, no matter who is elected. SCOTUS appointments is where this election is really really really going to matter. And that's why I'll be voting for the creature with the orange hair instead of the barking creature in the Mao jacket.

    ETA: To clarify, I cannot envision a scenario where I would vote for the Mao jacketed creature. I am, however, really tempted to sit this one out. Due to the current and impending SCOTUS vacancies, I cannot allow myself that luxury.
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    I'll say it over and over and over and over and over, If you don't vote, your voting against the 2A. You have to think of it as only one issue. The Donald is a wild card for sure, but, Hildabeast is a known entity and so when you break it down this way, it gets very simple, it's either do or die. Of course in the end, it's your choice, and you have to live with it. Kinda like what Justice Kennedy said about Obomacare when he could've stopped it, but chose not to by saying, "You elected him".
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    There is a way to stop "Obomacare": don't use it. Pay cash for your medical expenses. Fly to Oklahoma or Mexico for medical procedures.

    You control you. You can't control anybody else.

    There is a way to stop the degradation and indoctrination of your children in government schools: don't send your own kids there. Stop using the excuse that "other people do it" to justify reneging on your parental responsibility.

    There is a way to own and carry guns: just do it. It doesn't depend on any election or court or parchment (that the rulers prefer to ignore). You can't get 'em to pay attention to the parchment, and indeed it is in their own personal interest to ignore it. Why expect them to do otherwise? That is living in a dream world.

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