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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by darkminstrel, Oct 12, 2009.

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    I'm working on creating an in-car computing array that integrates my laptop with my sound-system. Because the lappy will also function as my GPS system I'm very interested in a more secure mounting than on the seat next to me. Do those of you with relevant experience using mounted laptops have any particular gripes with how the setup works?

    I'm aware of the few suppliers of pre-fabbed systems and am planning on a custom option as I want it to fold away completely if there is a need for room in the passenger seat.
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    I'm not an LEO but I do a lot of mobile computing and have some advice for you. Unless you park in a heated garage don't ever leave a "normal" laptop in a vehicle overnight. I've seen many people securely mount consumer laptops in work vans and they often fail in less than a year. The cause is condensed moisture inside from temperature swings. My Vaio died this way. I ended up with a military surplus Itronix IX260+ (GoBook 3) rugged laptop off eBay. It came with a locking vehicle cradle, has an internal GPS that beats the pants off of everything on the consumer market, is waterproof, drop proof, vibration proof, EMP resistant, and an all-around cool machine. It was under $300 shipped, BTW. :cool:

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