Food and prepps in Self Storage.. Do you think you'll be able to get to it TEOTWAWKI?

What do you think? Will people storing in Self Storage be able to get their goods/food?

Personally I think you have it where your at, where you're going, or cached along the way.

Same with Safety Deposit Boxes... If the banks shut, what do you do?:s0131:
Storage units are not a bad idea. If your retreat location is out of area, and you don't have a secure location there, a storage unit has some security around it and people have no idea whether it's worth breaking into or not. On the plus side, it's not so secure that you can't break into it if it's abandoned and nobody is around to let you in. On the down side, if somebody gets there before you it wouldn't keep them out eother, so don't dawdle getting there once you've "declared your emergency" to yourself.

Another negative: a storage unit is a recurring expense, and probably a paper trail as well. If systems break down, your payments may not reach the storage manager on time, and they may take your stuff.

Safe deposit boxes- the only thing you can keep there is something small and highly portable,. I'd rather have that kind fo stuff with me. A decent safe, hidden best as possible, should still cost you less than storing something in a safe deposit box in a bank long term. Not to mention, safe deposit boxes are subject to search warrants, and if precious metals become banned again and someone suspects your are hoarding- there you go. If the banks are shut, you're not getting in, and as I understand it, you may need an appointment in advance even during normal business hours. I think safe deposit boxes are a lingering echo of the past.

A well-hidden safe, that you don't talk about- no one even needs to know it's there. Buy it in cash, install it yourself.
Friend had some stuff in one of those storage places. Someone cut a hole in the roof of his own storage unit and came down into everyones unit and stole what was of value.



Fires. Theft. Nosy managers. Travel to the site...seems like a good back-up idea, but not as main storage. Considering you may need to bug IN for a while I'd say store 80% home, 10% at the storage unit and 10% at your bug-out location if you have one.
so, let me get this are storing stuff you are going to depend on to save your life and the lives of your loved ones in a site NOT under your constant control.....

What part of disaster is difficult to understand? In a collapse of society (for whatever reason) do you really believe that the people of the US will not rob, pillage, plunder and loot anything they can?

OK, maybe it's just me thinking that way....but I wouldn't trust my life to a storage unit down the street for anything I depend upon.
LOL. Your home isn't under your constant control, unless you have no job and never leave even to go shopping or to the movies.

It's all a matter of degree. Lots of people talk about caching their goods. I've concisdered it. The problem is, what if somebody finds your hidden cache? By its very nature, it's some place not a a lot of people will be watching it, so it's easy to break locks and loot it without anyone beig the wiser until you check on it.

So you can store things at home, and be subject to having all of your eggs in one basket, potetntially not being able to take everything you need in a bug out situation. You can store things in a hidden cache, squirrell-like, lose it or have it plundered, you can store it at a bug out location, which has the same problems if it's not continuously oocupado, and has the extra 'disadvantage' of not being hidden.

There's always a trade-off. Not sure why people have such an incredulous tone at this idea. It at least has minimal security attached to it. People do it on a regular basis with stuff they find too valuable to get rid of, and don't usually find themselves plundered when they finally have a weekend garage sale. I have excess incventory for my surplus store in self storage right now, and the only problem I have with it is cost.

The thing I am depending on to save my life is my training, common sense and quick thinking. Preps are intended to make me comfortable if something bad happens.
Spread it out to different sites if you can. I have a rental storage at a condo complex and unfortunately stocks are visible through screens so a couple nosey folks were asking why I had boxes of (Mountain House) food in there. Well, that is shot to #### then. They would be the first to rob the stuff before I could get to it.

What is the first question an unprepared idiot asks? Are you a Mormon or something? I just look at them nicely and say no I like to save trips to the grocery store.
To perhaps answer a question or two.

In a SHTF scenario, we likely wouldn't be able to get/take payments anyway. We are not interested in your things, only the space. Things would stay put until either things got ironed out, or completely fell apart.

Yes, there is a contract and a paper trial.

I see ourselves kinda going into a "lockdown" mode around here and would control access more tightly than we already do. Never would I keep people from their things, especially for those who have stored what I think you guys have in mind.

I will say, if these are concerns of yours, go talk to your local storage outfit and find out more about it. I am sure some places wouldn't work out so hot, however I am sure there are those that would fill your needs/wants.


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