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Reasoning -- remodeled kitchen, Supreme Commander thinks I deserve an "atta boy."
Hadn't really been looking for another handgun but geez how do I pass up this opportunity....

1. Throwing lead down range (love relaxing and taking my mind off of any multitude of things while doing this)
2. Personal/Home defense (occasional carry, I have my CHL)
3. Automatic in 40 SW (because I don't have one)
4. Something just a little bit different

I have an XD-9 (first handgun I ever bought about a year ago) with Crimson Trace laser grips.
I have an STI GP6-C also a 9 (Xmas gift from the Supreme Commander, god I love that woman!)

I would like something just a little bit different from the norm (Springfield, Glock, Smith&Wesson). In just doing the internet thing (and magazine looking) I have kind of zeroed in on these two. Haven't had a chance to handle either of them but they are both availalbe locally. Don't know of anyone that rents them so would not be able to shoot them but could at least handle them.

I shoot the STI pretty darn well and that's mainly why I haven't been looking at anything else of late. BUT, it seems that I read somewhere that you can never have too many guns.

Just looking for any suggestions, comments or opinions.
Thanks in advance for you time and trouble.

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