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Does anyone else on the forum an owner of the FNP9? I just bought one this past week so I wanted to post my thoughts on it. I haven't seen any reviews or posts about this handgun on these forums so I wanted to post about it. One of the biggest factors that lead me to my purchase this handgun was the honest opinions of others who have fired this gun so I thought Id add some input so that you can make a better decision on your purchase.

The FNP9, is a double/single action semi-auto. Mine came in a dark earth polymer frame with black slide. Looks great IMO. The gun comes standard with three, 16 round clips. Overall quality and construction of the handgun is nice. The handgun is light but still feels sturdy. The slide itself sits on some nice long rails and the mechanics all run very smooth. Eager to test it out, I took it out to the range for its break in. Ran 200 rounds of 124 grain Blazer FMJ through it and I'm quite pleased. No Jams, or fail to fires. Everything seemed to work flawlessly. I wish I was a better marksmen, or I'd beable to honestly tell you how accurate the gun is. At 10 yards I can consistently put a round into a 3 inch circle.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. Among some of the more popular choices for handguns (glock, xdm, sig) this one is a contender.
For a top quality review of the handgun, check nutnfancy's youtube video review.
FNP9: A Sig for Less, or
FNP9 Coolness Confirmed
Nutnfancy is kind of an idiot and his reviews are pretty terrible.

FNP/FNX are good pistols though, I really like them. Lightweight, well constructed, very pointable and fun to shoot.
The FNP-9 was my first ever handgun purchase. Its also my EDC gun. I'm gonna say what a lot of other people have said. VERY sig like. Fits great in my hand, great shooter, low recoil, and flawless performance. I've shot nearly 800 rounds though mine in the 6 months I've owned it. Not a single FTF/FTE with multiple kinds of ammunition. Although I still get some brass to the face every once in awhile. The trigger on these are AMAZING!
Ive had an FNP9 since they came out back in 07, they were selling for $300 back then, it was a pretty rediculous deal. I have put thousands of round through my P9 and have never had any sort of malfunction, it was and still is one of the most accurate guns I have ever owned. I will never get rid of the gun. I want to get the tactical FNP45 version. I wish they made a subcompact version of this gun.
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