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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Sense Amid Madness, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Sense Amid Madness

    Sense Amid Madness Oregon Member

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    Hello all . . . VN veteran in S. Oregon . . . interested in survival preparedness . . . guns are just a necessary precaution . . . I believe the key to survival will not to be armed to the teeth and ready for bear, for there will always be a larger group of more desperate . . . the key to survival will be to self-sufficient and to stay as invisible as possible until most of the criminals kill each other off . . . then rally with neighbors for defense, if any are left . . . store extra to share with less fortunate, and as trade goods . . . think carefully about what will become valuable . . . invest in items that are now low in cost, small to store, with longest shelf life . . . dont forget TP, soap, and toothpaste . . . because Americans are soft and pampered now, U.S. America will become one of the most violent nations on the planet as soon as the electricity, groceries, and motor fuel are gone . . . find a way to stay low until the violence burns itself out . . . there is one root cause of world problems, and that is overpopulation by humans . . . there is one root cause of U.S. problems and that is career politicians who make decisions on the basis of getting re-elected and accumulating personal power/wealth.

    That's a pretty good summary rant. I hope everyone here, and their families are well and stay well. Kind regards to all.
  2. lowly monk

    lowly monk Beaverton, Oregon. Just a guy. Bronze Supporter

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  3. 1stIDFMP

    1stIDFMP North of Salem, south of Portland Active Member

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    Welcome FNG (we all were - me, last month....)! Thank you for your service! :flag:
  4. vwtech103

    vwtech103 Novato. Ca. New Member

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    Wow, that's a interesting twist on things. Not to far off the mark though. Nice first post FNG.

    Welcome to the forum, Rick