FNG seeking refuge, planning exit from Kommiefornia

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by BattleAxe, Nov 15, 2013.

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    Greetings ladies and gents,

    This is my first post. Just registered today after my wife finally broke and has agreed to start planning our exit from Kommiefornia. I've been working on her for the last couple years and she has finally agreed that it's time to go. We're both sick of the taxes, paternal laws, pollution, crime, overcrowding, urban sprawl, sense of entitlement, and every thing else that come with this place.

    So now that it's time to start planning our exit, I figured, I'd register in a few forums so I could start getting some intel on the area(s) that we are considering and educate myself on the gun and hunting laws of what will be our new home.

    I'm a USMC combat vet from the IQ campaigns and now work in the wireless industry as a field technician for a price maker in the industry, wife is a medical professional. We both hold graduate degrees and have a young family with young and middle age children. Anyone in the family that can hold and operate a gun safely, knows how to and the younger ones are chomping at the bit to be able to fire the crickets.

    I look forward to becoming part of this community and learning all that I can about the 2A climate in the PNW.
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  2. Sgt Nambu

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    Sorry man, but my wife already has that handle! LOL!!! Welcome to the site, any kind of information you need can be found here, just ask!:thumbup:
  3. saxon

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    good to have you battleaxe.
    as a former Kommiefornia (what took you so long) i have been from southern oregon up to salem area, not much up on the wireless industry jobs
    but your wife being a medical professional should be no problem getting a job depending on waht medical professional she is.
    my 2 cents southern oregon great hunting clean rivers and lakes start heading north more urban sprawl less clean rivers and lakes
  4. orygun

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    Welcome. Your values are welcome here, too!
  5. Guilty

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    Nicest gun range in Western Oregon is ARPC in Albany. ARPC is in the process of expanding to include a 300, 600 and 1000 yard range.
    The closer you live to Portland area, the more potential for jobs, but Portland area is largely liberal. Oh yeah, keep Portland weird is the motto...whatever.
    We need more conservatives in the state, come on up and give us a hand to politically get things going in the right direction.
  6. Dunerunner

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    Welcome to NWF and thank you for your service! I would say that if you want to avoid the issues you faced in Kommiefornia, that you stay rural. The libs in Portland and Seattle are ruining the Northwest.
  7. SledRig

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    Welcome. I left California in '96, not long after graduation from high school. I have never looked back. I grew up in Carlsbad (right next to Camp Pendleton). I knew then that I could never make it as working, blue collar person. The cost of living and the whole image thing and what your "neighbors" think of you didn't appeal to me. I use the term neighbor loosely. No sense of community. Most of the time everyone was suing each other over a tree that blocked their view or what you had parked in front of your house. Old friends from school are so in debt trying to have the right car or toys. Most of my family has moved to the Northwest or Midwest, and the rest are working on it. They are, or feel, trapped.

    I'm in the Bellingham area. The far NW. We have a great rural community, but we are also a college town with a liberal side. There are farms, refineries, an aluminum plant, logging and commercial fishing. Bellingham use to have G.P. paper mill, but they were run out of town.

    There is a lot of hunting and fishing up here. There is public and private land to shoot at, public and private club ranges, you can get a concealed pistol license because you're legal to own a weapon. You can take your rifle home the day you buy it, and the same with a pistol if you have a permit.

    With your wife in the medical field, she will always find work. We are between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., so we have an ever expanding wireless network. All of the companies are trying to fill in the gaps in their coverage to better their service. Plus, no state income tax!

    Good luck to you and your family. You will wonder why you waited so long.

  8. Mongo1

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    Welcome, I suggest to avoid multnomah county as they have to "smog" their vehicles and have higher taxes. I have heard that he area around Ashland, OR has a sales tax. You will really like the gun laws after you have lived here over 90 days. CHL is easy to get as well.
    If you have time, I suggest to tour the areas of interest.
  9. fredball

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    Welcome Aboard:thumbup:
  10. simon99

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    Welcome fellow Devil Dog, nice to have you aboard.

    My wife and I did the same thing only we came from Seattle and moved to Central Oregon. Nicer weather, housing market is affordable, lots of recreation, and people and neighbors with values I share.....I suggest you check it out.

    Semper Fi

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