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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by pezz, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Howdy folks,

    Thought I'd drop in and intro myself to the rank and file.

    My real name is Brian and I have been involved in shooting since I was old enough to walk. :)

    I grew up in an active outdoor family that did lot's of hunting and fishing. My uncle and father co-owned a hunting lodge outside of Saint Marries Idaho where I spent my summers helping around the lodge and learning to re-load and generally just spending a lot of good quality time in the woods. I sure do miss those days for sure.

    I heard about this forum over at Seattle guns where I am a member under the same name and figured why not join up and be around more like minded folks. I have three grown children and a wonderful grand daughter that has me wrapped around her finger, resistance is futile when she turns on the charm :laugh:

    I have been a wheel gun guy for as long as I can remember but do own my fair share of auto's. I have taken up more modern weapons in the past few years including buying my first poly gun! Which to my chagrin is an excellent shooter, so good in fact I went and bought another in .45 so I could retire my series 80 from active shooting. I also own a few military carbines as well, I just really enjoy the mechanics of reloading and working on my weapons and military weapons of all vintages really pique my interest.

    RC airplanes are also a passion of mine, I love fling as long as I remain on the ground! It seems like my entire adult working life has been spent in aerospace in one way or another and that remains true to this day.

    Well that is all for now, hope to meet some of you soon out on the range, or perhaps a cold one or maybe even a trade or buy.

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    Another FNG!!! Call the bouncer!! check his I.D.!! I thought this was an exclusive club!!!

    Just Kidding, welcome, enjoy, visit the chat box.
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    Welcome to the forum, Brian!

    Expecting some pics of those wheel guns!!! :cigar:

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