WTS WA FNAR .308 Long Range Setup Complete - Like New $2500

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    This is a built long range gun set-up a year ago that hasn't seen the use as we've shot other long range bolt rigs and this one doesn't deserve to sit around.

    The gun has 30 rounds total through it to sight it in at 100 yds, break in the barrel (single round slow fire with cleaning every 3 rds) and play with the scope settings: 1 20 rd box Federal Gold Medal Match 175gr, 10 rds Federal M80 ball (check for POI shift).

    The scope is very highly regarded in the long range community and forums like snipershide. It is a great match for this rifle and its long range capabilities. The MIL DOT is crisp and the scope controls are professional grade.

    Complete setup:

    FN FNAR .308/7.62 NATO 20" Light fluted barrel 20 rd Metal Box Mag (FN3108929250)
    "The FNAR puts autoloading and bolt-action accuracy in your hands. Every FNAR rifle must meet a 1 MOA or better accuracy specification, just like the FN SPR precision rifles. The receiver is constructed of aircraft grade alloy for light weight and strength. The barrel features a hard chrome lining and recessed target crown for accuracy and long life."

    2 extra FN Factory 20 rd Mags ($60 ea street price)

    Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x 50mm Scope MIL-DOT ET6245

    Burris Extreme Tactical 30mm XTra High Rings (for 50mm scopes)

    Ace FNAR Receiver Block (FNARRB), Ace Carbine Buffer Tube, Hogue Pistol Grip (all original furniture including adjustable buttpads and cheekrest pads included)

    CAA Sniper Stock with Adjustable Monopod (fully adjustable LOP, cheekweld, monopod)

    Caldwell Tactical Aluminum Bipod (Picatinny Rail Mount)

    FNAR 1.jpg FNAR 2.jpg FNAR 3.jpg FNAR 4.jpg FNAR 5.jpg

    Located Eastside.
    FTF Bothell/Kirkland - PM interest and contact info.
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