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Discussion in 'Business Discussion & Reviews' started by Northwest Firearms, Jan 27, 2009.

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    This thread is for the general discussion of the gun shop Flying Cloud Trading Co. Please add to the discussion here.
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  2. coosbaycreep

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    The first time I went to Flying Cloud, I was the only one there (pre-Obama obviously), and had excellent service. Every time since then though, they pretty much look down their nose at me like I'm a thief or something. Like a lot of smaller gun shops I've been to, this one seems to be as much of a hangout for their friends as a place of business, as other than the first time I bought a gun from them, they don't seem to be very willing to quit talking to people they already know to really help you, unless of course it's to follow you around if you're young and they think you're either a mall ninja or a thief.

    Evidently, this is also the kind of gun store that's too "good" to carry hi-point. That's their prerogative of course, but these people are pretty snooty if you ask me.

    I won't be buying from them again either, since their selection and prices aren't any better than Roseburg Gun Shop, and at least the employees there treat you just a little bit better than Flying Cloud.
  3. jason97496

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    WOW. I logged on here just to write a great review for this shop. After reading the first review for this shop I had to double check that I was in the correct thread.

    I went in with my mother and my five year old son. Everybody in the shop was overly friendly and willing to visit with no pressure to buy anything. They were very patient with my son. someone gave him a sucker.

    As far as prices, I have been drooling over the Glock 19s at every gun shop that I go to. At one of the shops in Eugene it was priced at $549. The Roseburg Gun Shop was $529. At Flying Cloud it was $495. I now am the proud owner of the Glock 19.

    I have not looked at ammo prices very closely, but I paid $29.95 for a 100 round box Winchester white box 9mm.

    I was also impressed with the large variety of ammo and reloading supplies. They are rationing powder, primers, etc to keep people from cleaning them out to make sure that they can share the wealth with all of the customers. I thought that was good customer service.

    I WILL definitly be shopping there again.
  4. codeman583

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    as can be seen by the reviews this shop is hit and miss....

    mostly miss. nice place to go visit, and "talk shop"

    snooty? definately. why would a salesman downplay a gun that is in their case? why would someone looking at a lower priced gun for something to get bounced around in the wilderness without much money out want to be shown a SIG?
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    Will not negotiate
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    I bought my first G30 from them.

    Then, Not knowing anything about black powder rifles, I bought a USED one from them a few years ago.

    I thought they'd offer honest prices/information to a novice and returning customer.

    Come to find out, I paid RETAIL Plus (compared to Cabelas).

    I never even consider them for anything any longer.
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    Just a heads up; they are no longer in business. My experience with them has been limited, but the few times I worked with them, they were very helpful. But the shop is gone now. :(
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    Thanks for the update :)

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