I can't help you with Washington. As a beginner, your presentation and cast isn't as important as fly selection. I've got a buddy that was always splashing the fly down hard, he still caught fish.

Most importantly, for trout, your fly needs to be the right size and color for fish to hit it. If you're fishing, and you're not catching, make sure your fly matches the current hatch. Change the fly or move as necessary. If the fish aren't biting, they're either not there or aren't hungry for your fly.
Take a class at any fly shop. You’ll be glad you did as it will save you a lot of frustration.

if you want to try it yourself, go to a wide open field and practice the good old 10 and 2 rhythm before going out.

then chose a place that is wide open (I learned on the snoqualmie up off i90 just up from that weird rubber inflatable dam thing) so you’re not getting hung up on your back cast

look at some youtube vids if you haven’t already.

bring a spinning rod for if/when you get frustrated.
Looking for suggestions for fly fishing places for a very green (never fly fished) fly fisherman.......... Snohomish county.
Orvis does free Fly Fishing 101 classes, and you get coupons. They are worth it if you need a push in the right direction. I also watched a lot of Lefty Kreh videos on you tube, it really helped me.
I also went to a school field and casted at close ranges until I got it down and then casted a little farther. You don't need distance to catch fish, I've caught fish within a few feet of where I was standing. Sometimes you don't even need good technique, my BIL somehow catches fish and he's not really good :)

Once it clicks, you're like oh that's how you do it. Do it enough till you can feel it, I can feel a bad cast the second it starts now. But bad casts also catch fish! Good luck

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