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Florida NAACP supports

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Jamie6.5, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Jamie6.5

    Jamie6.5 Western OR Well-Known Member

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    "Stand Your Ground": law.
    NAACP Supports 'Stand Your Ground' in Florida
    Also in the Jacksonville FL news:
    NAACP weighs in on what they say is a "Stand Your Ground" case against Jacksonville woman | jacksonville.com
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  2. iusmc2002

    iusmc2002 Colville, WA Active Member

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    20 years for not even killing anyone. Ouch. Real murderers and rapists get much lighter sentences.
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  3. rdt

    rdt SW Portland Active Member

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    Just heard about this and I am outraged! Why are we not making a bigger deal about this?! I just read that the national success rate for SYG defense is something like 30+% for white on black homicides but only 3% for black on white homicides. Now shes been convicted and sentenced to prison for 20 years, her kids have been taken away. . . .

    Havent we been trying to keep the whole racial profiling argument out of the SYG debate? Where is the kind of support we saw for Zimmerman? Wtf!?! This lady had a permit and a restraining order against the guy and didnt kill him.

    Zimmerman's fistfight and now Michael Dunn's "shotgun" count as more of a bodily threat than whatever she had to prove to get a restraining order!?