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I have noticed making trouble for oneself is a mark of many convicted felons
The thing is, not all criminals are convicts. It is the really smart ones who don't get caught/convicted that are possibly very dangerous.

In drug interdiction we had a theory that the smart traffickers would send thru the dumb idiots to be caught as decoys while they came in "under the radar" so to speak. It was criminal Darwinism, and it was well known that we only saw, at best, less than ten percent of the trafficking that was happening, and caught maybe ten percent of what we knew of.
In my time of lawbreaking, it had more to do with my not having yet developed a conscience & believing that might was right & that if I was big &bad enough to take something, it must be mine.

I come from a good home & my parents were/are hardworking people, so I cannot blame my upbringing for my past criminal status
"I have noticed making trouble for oneself is a mark of many convicted felons"
I am constantly amazed at how many people are stupid enough to record their criminal activities or put incriminating material on F*c*book.
THAT!! Ever since "social media" came into its own I have been amazed at how many people want to tell the world they are a moron. The best part is when morons put this stuff out for the world to see then act shocked that it comes back to bite them :confused:
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