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Florida alert: CCW reciprocity cancelled by Ferguson?????

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, May 2, 2013.

  1. Dave Workman

    Dave Workman Western Washington Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Concealed carry reciprocity with Fla. stopped by AG’s office?

    An alert from the Unified Sportsmen of Florida (USF) to Evergreen State residents could have an immediate impact on the office of Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a Democrat who did not fill out a National Rifle Association questionnaire, and who, during the campaign, was rather vague about his position on gun rights.

    Concealed carry reciprocity with Fla. stopped by AG?s office? - Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com

    Looks like no Disney World trip for this kid!

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  2. John H

    John H Whatcom County Well-Known Member

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    What a piece of Sh*t.

    I hope he trips and falls down a very long set of stairs.
  3. Diamondback

    Diamondback A cold, wet green Hell Well-Known Member

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    Dave, per Gary Slider on THR and Handgunlaw.US FUBAR Fergie is throwing a fit because FL will issue to under 21 under SOME conditions. (Specifically, it has to be honorably-discharged .MIL IIRC.)

    My gut? His next move will probably be to drop states over the most nitpicky little things he can find, going by neither the letter of the law ("Substantially Similar") nor the spirit.

    Hey, any ideas about ramrodding an initiative through for us to become a Universal Recognition state? (Well, maybe UR EXCEPT the Kommunist Kollektivist Kleptof---okracies of Kalifornistan and Demokratik People's Republik of Bloombergograd... and maybe the Chickenpooper's Coop.)
  4. Hawaiian

    Hawaiian Tigard Oregon Well-Known Member

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    The anti's will chip away at our rights any way they can. One chip at a time until they demolish the whole rock. That is their plan. However, if we keep fighting, the rock may just roll over and crush them. :)
  5. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Moses Lake, WA Active Member

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  6. hermannr

    hermannr Okanogan Highlands Well-Known Member

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    surprise! surprise! He is like Cuomo, Insley and Christie in thinking this garbage will advance his political career. I think a universal recognition initiative would be a good thing.
  7. kumabear17

    kumabear17 Issaquah Active Member

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    I just wrote the following to my State Senator and two Representatives - also another driectlt to Ferguson & Insley (a waste I know), plus will call in the a.m.
    Dear Senator Mullet, Representative Rodne and Representative Magendanz,

    I have read in the article below that our State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, has revoked the concealed pistol reciprocity agreement we have with the State of Florida.

    Concealed carry reciprocity with Fla. stopped by AG?s office? - Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com by Dave Workman

    His expressed concern, I understand, is that last year Florida reduced the age allowed to carry concealed firearms to 18 for Military Veterans. Since our State requires 21 years of age and no allowance for Veterans, AG Ferguson appears within his authority to make this decision.

    I wonder why, or if, he contacted/notified the Legislature prior to taking this action. Having served in the Military (45 years ago) and having a Son who also served, I believe Veteran Military individuals are better prepared to handle a firearm then most.

    I would ask the Legislature consider recognizing, as Florida has done, that Veterans' have demonstrated - better then many - their maturity and ability to accept adult responsibility.

    In this year of turmoil over the 2nd Amendment I also understand how difficult such a request would be to move forward. That doesn’t mean it should not be offered and those opposing our Veterans Rights so identified.

    Thank you,

    Butch Wright
  8. John H

    John H Whatcom County Well-Known Member

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    So let me see; he is worried about a veteran carrying a gun.

    You join at 18, spend at least a couple years min ( not sure the min required ), by the time you get out most will be 21 aways or close to it.

    So where is the problem MR Fergstien??