Flash hiders. what's the difference?

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    I have never seen the flash hider as anything more than something to reduce flash, but I have read a few articles where people have said what a difference a certain flash hider makes.

    My Noveske spr has an AAC hider and I seen a comment from John Noveske (God rest his soul) about always having an open ended hider but he didn't mention why.

    My Knights Armament SR15 has a simple closed ended A2 hider and seen comments about how changing to the triple tap hider was sooo much better but again they didn't mention why it made it better.

    Can someone please explain to me what makes these other flash hiders better or what is the function other than hiding flash?

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    I don't own anything tactical at the moment but don't some of them reduce muzzle rise as well as hide the flash? I've also seen some evil looking ones with sharp jagged edges for jabbing into an enemy's chest if you run out of ammo in place of a bayonet.
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    You've got compensators and flash hiders, and some that do both. The triple-tap is a compensator that MIGHT hide some flash, but not really.. I've seen some serious fireballs come off friends' TTs.

    The Battlecomp is just as good as the TT at compensation, and does actually hide flash about as well as a birdcage.

    If you're in to hiding flash, the Smith Vortex "Flash Eliminator" is one of the best. But unless you're doing a hell of a lot of NV training, I think you're going to get way more out of a good compensator.
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    I bought one of these Del-Tons about a year ago or maybe alittle more and its got the stock flash hider on it... Man does it sure work amazing, I have shot Wolf and Federal 193 through it at late dusk, and I will tell you what... I can shoot this thing all night long without loosing night vision, it hides the flash so well. Here is a link to the rifle. Del-Ton, Carbine Rifle
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    TM 9-1005-319-10 page 96 refers to "it" as the compensator.
    "It keeps the muzzle down during automatic fire"

    TM 9-1005-249-23P page 2-6 refers to "it" as the flash supressor

    It was discovered that the muzzle blast could raise a cloud of dust, exposing the shooter's position.
    The military part has 5 slots, slot 3 faces up.
    The slots port the blast up and sideways.
    There are no slots on the bottom, minimizing muzzle blast dust cloud.
    Wise snipers, riflemen lay their poncho out under the muzzle so there is less chance of a dust cloud when they fire.
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    The most effective flash hider is the smith vortex.
    look up the tests on utube.

    That is if you do not wish to be seen.

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