Five Companies That Are Hurting You!

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    REI is for yuppies, never supported them and never will, they are ridiculously over price. Second that beer sucks I can brew a better batch in my kitchen and third gerber went international and since then, product is not great. Plus I like my spyderco and CRKT!
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    Knew about REI, didn't recognize or know about the rest.
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    On ifish recently there was a thread by a long time, esteemed member listing the companies the support the Native Fish Society. The queen bee put an end to it citing the ifish AUP as not allowing boycotts. Sure seems counter productive to a site like that, it should have been considered informational, and people could make up their own minds.

    I've never shopped at REI, a tee shirt for $60.00! Not! On the NFS supporter list was Portland nursery. I'm a gardener and buy some from them every year. I'm still eating my potatoes and dry onions from last year. I've recommended Portland Nursery to other people for years, no more though. I sent them an e-mail of my disappointment with them helping to take away my recreation and food gathering abilities.

    It really sucks that the "Citification' of our state is making those of us who enjoy outdoor activities, (and I'm NOT talking about sitting at a table on the sidewalk in front of Starbucks) the odd ones!


    I figure there are a few fisherpeople here that appreciate a nice hatchery steelhead or salmon from time to time.

    Native Fish Society supporters 2013.

    2013 Auction Donors
    3cm Stone Inc.
    10 Barrel Brewing
    900 Wall Resturant
    A to Z Wineworks
    ADEA Wine Company
    Al & Pat Neufeldt
    Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe
    All Star Rafting Company
    Alpacka Raft
    Andrew Bennett
    Anne Tattam
    Arrowhead Golf & Athletic Club
    Babine Steelhead Lodge
    Bauer Fly Reels
    Benton-Lane Winery
    Berry & Wendy Chanasyk
    Bill Bakke
    Bill-Natio Company
    Bill & Sara Tattam
    Bishops Barbershop
    Biwa Restaurant
    Brian & Arlene Light
    Bruce Hill
    C.F. Burkheimer Fly Rods
    Chris Daughters
    Chris Emerick
    Chris O'Donnell
    Club Sport
    Community Music Center
    Conrad Gowell
    Criag & Tina Hugshson
    Community Music Center
    Danny McGinley
    Dave Gee
    Deneki Outdoors
    Deschutes Angler
    Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop
    Dog River Coffee
    Double Tree Hotels
    Doug Fir Lounge
    Dorothy Toppercer
    Doug Campbell
    Doug Lee
    Doug Robertson
    Dove Vivi Pizza
    Dr. Slick Co.
    Drake Magazine
    Dry Fly Distilling
    El Burro Loco
    Eleni's Restaurant
    Enchanted Forest
    Eric Neufeld
    Farlex Reels
    Farmstead Restaurant & Pub
    Finnegan Cider
    Fish Head Expeditions
    Fish Hook Vineyard & High Hook Wine
    Fly Fisherman Magazine
    Flywater Travel
    Fort George Brewery
    Frontier Farwest Lodge
    Garden Fever
    Garrin Royer
    Gerald Amos
    Glowing Greens Miniature Golf
    GoodLife Brewing
    Gorge Fly Shop
    Grand Central Bakery
    Grand Teton Fly Fishing Shop
    Green Trails Maps
    Greg Davidge
    Greg Higgins
    Hair M Grooming
    Hatch Restaurant & Bar
    Higgins Resturant
    High Desert Museum
    Hyland Estates
    Imperial River Co.
    Inn at Spanish Head
    InterMedia Outdoors Inc
    J.D. Love
    Jack & Jennifer Mitchell
    Jakob Lund
    Jason Hartwick
    Jason Koertge
    Jeff Hickman
    Jim & Kathy Foote
    Jim Myron
    Joel La Follett
    John & Amy Hazel
    John Larison Steelheading
    John Smeraglio
    Justin Miller
    Karstetter Rods
    Kayak Fly Angler
    Kells Irish Pub
    Ken Morrish
    Kenny and Zuke's Delicatessen
    Lan Su Chinese Garden
    Lange Estate Winery and Vineyard
    Lani Waller
    Lanning Blanks
    Letitia Cutforth
    Littleleaf Guide Service
    Lisa Hansen
    Loren Irving
    MAC Club
    Magic Waters Patagonia
    Mark Chimento
    Mark Fuller
    Mark Homeyer
    Mark Sageser
    Mark Stromme
    Marty & Virginia Karstetter
    Matt Fields
    Matt Ramsey
    Meiser Fly Rods
    Melissa Brown
    Michael Bray
    Michael James Mathis
    Michole Jensen
    Mike & Linda Cummins
    Mike McCoy
    Mike Moody & Ronda Divers
    Mirador Community Store
    Mother's Bistro & Bar
    Music Millennium
    Naihma Deady
    Nate DeVol
    Nate Koenigsknecht
    New Renaissance Bookshop
    New Seasons Market
    Nick Colasurdo
    NW Wine Company
    One Green World
    Oregon Historical Society
    Oregon Growers & Shippers
    Paul & Carol Fortino
    Paul Kirsch
    PDX Bike Commuter
    Peter Donahower
    Philippe Boulot
    Por Que No?
    Portland Japanese Garden
    Portland Nursery
    Rajeff Sports
    Randy Stetzer
    Ransom Wine & Spirits
    Raven Maps & Images
    Red Shed Fly Shop
    Richard & Lori Vollmer
    Redside Development
    Red Shed Fly Shop
    Richard Kennon
    Reel McCoy Fly Angling Adventure
    Rio Products
    River Runner Outfitters
    Rob Crandall
    Rob & Sarah Houston
    Robert Meiser
    Ron Walp
    Royal Treatment Fly Shop
    Salmonfly Syndicate
    Sasquatch Brewing Co.
    Scott Baumer
    Scott Nelson
    Smith Optics
    Standing People Tree Care
    Steve Egge
    Temple Fork Outfitters Fly Rods
    The Bahktishop Yoga Center
    The Caddis Fly Shop
    The Container Store
    The Evening Hatch
    The Fishwife Seafood Restaurant
    The Joinery
    Tim Boyle
    Tim Gelinas
    Tom Bie
    Tom Sims
    Tracy Buckner
    Trader Joe's
    Two Dudes Fly Fishing
    Wanderlust Tours
    Water Time Outfitters
    Western Rivers Conservancy
    Willamette Valley Vineyards
    Yamhill Valley Vineyards
    Yvon Chouinard
    Z'ivo Wines
    Zupan's Market
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    Gerber is quite literally a knife in the back, especially as a local company.

    REI was great when I joined back in the late 70's, an outdoors co-op that saved its members a lot of money. At the time Eddie Bauer (yes, they once were an outdoors oriented company that outfitted expeditions) had gone yuppie, so REI was the best alternative. I still go there for some things, but feel out of place more often than not. Not because of the store, but because of the customers.
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    If you shop at Cabela's you should go to their corporate webpage and look up who they make donations to. I choose many years ago not to shop there. They support to many anti-access orgs for my taste.
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    So many to write off the list of stores I patronize. Back to shopping and paying a little extra at the local Mom and Pop!!
  8. duane black

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    Agreed on both accounts. I have been in the Portland store a few times and I feel uncomfortable every time I am in there.

    Always liked gerber, they are an Oregon icon.. Sad to see that... I remember as a kid playing with a gerber folder , Portland USA..
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    Hey check this out, I emailed Lamiglas and asked for their response this. This is a copy of text from the company. You can call and verify, we need to be active with all the other companies and boycott!

    Please see my thread on the Hatchery and Wild, sign the petition and we will get something done. Shut down NFS!

    Tim Cook
    Feb 11 at 8:37 AM


    C. R.

    Chris, NFS came to Dick the owner or Lamiglas and asked for a donation. He didn't know truth about the organization. So he donated one rod. After the truth was revealed to Dick he wrote them a letter asking them to never contact Lamiglas again. We are against NFS as we see the value of hatchery fish too. Thank you for your concern about the ongoing problem with NFS.

    Tim Cook

    Lamiglas Inc.

    360-225-9436 ext.233
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    I knew it! So many outdoor stores/companies on that list my first thought is that they are not being truthful when asking for donations.
  11. gallogiro

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    Anyone care to explain why Oregon Wild is so evil? I'm not too familiar with these organizations and would like to know.
  12. Swedish K

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    Many of these groups sound good on the surface - they use terms like " protecting wild lands and fish/game preservation for future generations to enjoy " which sounds great. What they say is misleading to most people, they don't mean increase wildlife numbers to preserve hunting and fishing heritage for future generations or expand wild lands / old growth forest protections so people can go out and enjoy those areas in person, the legislation they back generally seeks to reduce hunting, especially predatory animals like cougars and coyotes which will lead to a net loss in game animals for hunters to harvest. Often the legislation that protects wild lands are meant to keep all people out of the ares so you can not enjoy the areas being protected. Instead of promoting programs that will increase available fish/game/wild lands access they promote the idea that people shouldn't be in the wild at all. They also oppose most logging operations even knowing that sound policies of select harvesting / replanting actually leave the forests more healthy than letting the forests get overgrown to the point that wild fires become huge problems that are hard to control and wipe out wildlife when they do occur. They promote eliminating the renting/leasing of federally owned lands for grazing of livestock and eliminating use of federal and state lands for activities such as hunting, fishing, shooting, and off road vehicle use.
    In short, they believe that humans have no place in nature and should all live in big cities and only qualified scientists and "conservators of the land" should ever set foot in the lands owned by the federal and state government.
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    I would bet the NFS gives quite a BS line when seeking donations. I fish with everything from a simple pole & line with bait to fancy $500 fly setups. You would be hard pressed to be a fly angler and not deal with some of the companies on that list, and I know that the honchos at some of those places love to fish for non-native fishes, as well as chowing down some hatchery brats. It could simply be that one or two people sympathetic to the cause donated something - it could be that they didn't investigate the true mission and actions of the NFS, or it could very well be true that the donor companies/ceos are whole heartedly in favor of the NFS. Can't quite see how they could be though - with some notable exceptions. If you want to sell much gear to NW fishers, you'll be selling them stuff to fish for hatchery steel and salmon, bass, and a lot of hatchery trout. And then there's the big movement for carp fishing, both with bait rods and fly rods that is catching on in big thanks to the Beaverton based John Montana (pseudonym) of Carp on the Fly blog.

    These outdoor product companies need to realize that if they really, actively support groups like the NFS they're going to wind up loosing all their customers. If they are successful in eliminating hatchery produced fish - there will be major backlash by a huge swath of anglers and I will be right there supporting said push. If the final court decision for the Sandy suit is in NFS favor, we need to push ODFW to shut the river down entirely to all angling for all species by all means - not let them turn it into fly only, c&r water which has been a goal of the NFS with other streams in the past, and is likely the target for the Sandy, the McKenzie, and other waters that now host hatchery runs of fish.

    After over 100 years of hatchery produced fish in this state, I seriously doubt there is *any* salmon or steelhead swimming that could be considered 100% pure wild strain with 0% genetic material from a fish born in a tank, hatch box, or pond in his lineage.
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    Groups like Oregon Wild and NFS are the reason a 5 year old can't fish for trout in an Oregon river. Have you ever tried to teach a small kid to fish using ONLY artificial bait? Imagine a 5 year old with a fly rod, or flinging a treble hooked piece of plastic around with a spinning rod. These groups promote elitism. Only "qualified" people who appreciate the "finer" qualities of fishing for native fish should be on the water. The elitism goes even further. They don't want the great unwashed masses to have access to "their" pristine wilderness areas. They want to limit or prohibit public access to public lands. Only "professionals" and amateur "conservationists", like member s of the Sierra Club should have access to these pristine places.

    Typically, the supporters and members of these groups either don't actually participate in outdoor activities at all, or they enjoy the public lands as a backdrop for their chosen urban sports. Except for fishing, they don't usually get involved with any kind of activity that involves actually becoming a part of the ecosystem, and making it part of their lifestyle. They're happy to ride their bikes through the woods, or ride their rafts down river, or hike through the mountains, and they think that qualifies them to speak on game and habitat management, when they are only tourists passing through at high speed on any given weekend. They are not like hunters and fishermen, mushroom gatherers, etc. who study the relationships of the plants and animals to human beings and each other, and use that knowledge to augment their food supplies and become part of the natural food chain. Their knowledge and opinions are wide and shallow, whereas the understanding and concerns of real outdoorsmen run deep. They think expensive, high tech equipment takes the place of knowledge and skill. The one thing they have going for them is that they tend to form cohesive groups, which allows them to reinforce each other's ignorance and validate it. Unfortunately, this translates into them being very good at lobbying and pressuring the government, which they look to for the resolution of all problems, personal and public.
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    It should really be no surprise to anyone that REI is on that list. They have never been a "sportsman's" store. For many, outdoor recreation doesn't include hunting and/or fishing.
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