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They're ok. The guys can be kinda rude sometimes, but I take it FWIW. Sometimes they have decent prices on used guns. Good place if you need a Ruger 22/45 or P-22, they always seem to have one or the other in stock at good prices. This place was alot better before all the panic buying happened, they had ammo in stock and a fair amount of used guns for sale, but that goes for most places nowadays. Glad they implemented a limit on ammo purchases though.
I work in downtown PDX and they are only a short drive, so I stop in there probably once a week. For guns, they're usually a bit on the high side price-wise. Not outrageously so, but higher.

Fisherman's has a big selection of reloading gear (RCBS and Hornady) than lots of places. Lots of different manuals, dies, etc. They usually have the full line of RCBS and Hornady stuff.

I would say the main reason to go to Fisherman's is selection - they have a whole aisle of cleaning stuff, an aisle of add-on doo-dads for rifles, a big selection of safes, etc.
I visit them about twice a month just to look and see what has come in. I have talked to some of the sales personnel and some are no nonsense, but others will actually "chit chat" with you. When they have sales some of them are outstanding, meaning no one can touch their price. +1
I've gone in before, and bought new rifles, when they had a 10% off sale. So a new $500 rifle was only $450. I thought it was a good deal, I bought 2. That was a while ago. I've bought new Leupold scopes and binoculars there lately. The price is always more than fair. Plus being so close to Portland makes it nice, for us Washington folks, to pay no sales tax.
I go by this store often and stop in every once in a while. I've tripped across bricks of .22s and found powder there, too. Nice enough guys. Typical Fisherman's, has a decent selection of stuff. We use a fair amount of propane canisters at work and they always have them at reasonable prices.

No complaints.
Stopped by here today on the way home looking to check out a Ruger SR556, they had just sold their only one this morning, just my luck, but they were friendly and I was asked by several guys while I was there if there was anything they could help with. They have a lot of cleaning, and reloading stuff as others have said as well. They also had a lot of 9mm ammo, blazer brand, for about 15 bucks a box, a little spendy but not too bad if your in a pinch. The salesman said the Ruger SR556 was sold for $1499 which is a pretty decent price for one locally, out the door, compared to buying through gun broker and paying shipping and FFL fees. They had some snap caps that I think ill be going back to pick up since I have been wanting to get some anyways.
Stopped in there today. The old guns at the gun counter were very rude when asked about a special order rifle. Due to the fact I interrupted there story time chat with having to do their actual job.

Without bothering to look in there system to see if any of their dist had one or another location had one. And without bothering to write down what I was looking for his only response was 1 week to 6 months. Then he started trashing the gun company that makes it.

I said forget it and walked off. He started talking crap about me "expecting them to pull a gun out of thin air".

I spoke to a manager and explained what went down(she overheard most of it)

I'll never do business there again. There's too many places around to deal with dips**** like that. Long list of times they've been rude to me and friends of mine.
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Refuse to give them anymore of my business.. I wrote a thread a while back about how the arrogant pricks behind their gun counter will demean and belittle their customers to fulfill some type of weird ego trip. They love talking about how stupid their customers are and will have no problem telling you you are stupid if you dare to challenge their ego or authority. Despite giving these fools thousands and thousands of dollars in the past they treated me like complete garbage. I never thought they were ever very nice or considerate. There was a few guys working behind the counter who help give the store some redeeming value, but those guys came and went.

I think I can say my experience at the gun counter with these guys was not all that different than my experience at the Canadian border crossing with the Canadian border guards. In fact, I thought the border guards were more polite than these guys behind the gun counter.

Anyway, I will never give this store another penny of my money. They seem to think you should respect them for being so honorable as to sell you guns, as if they are doing you a favor. Guess what? I can buy almost everything online and just because they are local doesn't mean I have to put up with their insults and arrogant, macho attitudes.

They have this attitude that all the customers are stupid morons and they are all hardcore gun specialists and heroes who are there to save Americans from their own stupidity. In fact, they are just bunch of morons working a regular retail job, like many others. Maybe, they feel under appreciated and need their egos getting stroked.

On the contrary, I have only had positive experiences at Sportsman Warehouse, even Cabelas and many of the other gun stores in the area. This is the only store were I got chewed out, laughed at and insulted by the employees.

My worst experience was when I asked to check out one of the rifles on the wall. They hand it to me and then suddenly 3 employees come and surround me acting is if I am going to steal it or do something bad. Since they are crowding me I have nowhere to point it and do a dry fire. So I try to aim it away at some ammo boxes and they start screaming bloody murder at me. One employee said I am terrorizing customer and aiming the gun at the guy's son. They said they thought they knew I was suppose to aim it up in the air. I said, I would aimed it straight but you all crowded around me and I had no safe place to point the gun. The guy behind the counter starting screaming at me , saying " You know people don't like guns pointed at them, you are terrorizing the guy and his son". I said F** you, I was trying to find an area to point the gun but you and the other a-holes behind the counter crowded around me, because you think I am going to steal your gun or something. If you wanted me to point it in the air only, you should have told me. And, the gun was not pointed anywhere towards any other person, but they just seemed to be in the mood to pick a fight and accuse me of tyranny. I was pointing the gun at a case of ammo boxes, which was the only place there was no people standing since the three employees were crowding around me, which made me very uncomfortable from the start.

After calling back and complaining to the manager, he proceeded to defend his employee and chew me out with same logic. He said "I trust that man and you were terrorizing our customers!!" I am like, "I did not point the gun at anyone and when three of your employees crowd around me where am I suppose to point it!" Blah blah. I said I will leave them bad reviews online and then the manager starts screaming at me, "We are a small family business, How dare you do that! You want to ruin a small family business!?" So, I responded, "You give small family businesses a bad name and that doesn't give you the right to crap on your customers!"

Anyway, this was the final straw after being treated like crap at this store for years. I will never walk back into another one of their stores.
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Cascade store:
- Guns are a little high.
- Ammo very high.
- Boat gear outrageously high.

Older white guy behind the gun counter about 3 years ago must've thought I was a racist too (maybe because I'm also older and white). Hung up from a phone call and turned to me to complain at length about a "certain breed of customer," who had just pissed him off. Even if I agreed with him completely (which I don't - ignorant d*uche nozzles come in all colors), I'd fire him on the spot (if it were my store) for a serious and offensive breach of professional behavior. Wish I could recall his name right now in case management decides to review this.

Young guy in the fishing tackle area is bright, a fountain of knowledge and very helpful.

So... as in most stores, it's luck of the draw who you get for customer service. Sadly, the baseline qualification for some retail positions is a pulse.
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I like the OC store and worked with One of the guys at the gun counter for a few years at Joes. Good guy and most of the people there are also. Not real familiar with the Portland Store and the Washington Square area store either but the OC store is great. But II like the loacation. Helped Larry move into that big store long ago when he had it. Always have shopped there. Its just familiar :)
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