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First year 1894 winchester guestions

I am new to the forum so I haven’t found my way around yet. Bought a first year serial 94 in 30 wcf. Found out that the 30 wcf didn’t come with this model till 95. Its a very nice , tight rifle (although it have been blued). I would like to check the barrel numbers and symbols if anyone on here knows. It has its 94 stamp along with a 5 to the side. Also some letters. I’m concerned it’s a re-barrel.
Any thoughts?
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This is a great forum for many things, but for specific esoteric questions like yours I suggest going to a collector forum. I suggest that you take some pictures, register at ForumWinchester Collector, and ask your question there.

EDIT: pictures are essential. For example, there are 5 styles of company/address barrel markings that were used on the Model 1894 and 94. Posting a picture of the company/address marking on the barrel would help determine what time period the barrel was made.

I have a Model 1894 Rifle in .30WCF that was made in 1898.

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