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First two days of IWB carry.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. PlayboyPenguin

    PlayboyPenguin Pacific Northwest Well-Known Member 2016 Volunteer

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    One thing the stress of opening a new business has been good for is losing weight. After starting our new lounge I have lost 20 lbs. Now that I can fit something inside my waistband besides my waist I have decided to give IWB carry another chance. I have tried in the past but it was just too uncomfortable and I am way to cheap to buy larger jeans.

    After two days of trying it I am liking it. IWB really solves a lot of issues with exposing your weapon when bending or lifting. Now that my pants are not so tight it is not at all uncomfortable either. I have been carrying at 4:00 and once you get used to it you forget it is there. Having it inside the belt instead of hanging from it makes for much better support too and wears on the belt less.

    I just went out and bought some cheap leather IWB holsters and I like them but I think once I decide to carry this way more often I will go out and buy some that hold the gun a bit higher. The ones I have now hold it just slightly above my waist line and I would prefer it to sit a bit more above.

    PS: It sure does make it easier to conceal at work than it was with an OWB beltslide holster.
  2. Spad

    Spad Kennewick,WA, the desert side Active Member

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    What are you carrying? Bill
  3. smithmax

    smithmax here Member

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    I really hope you're carrying that .410/.45 :)

    I've been carrying in an Ace Case (cheap leather IWB) for almost a year now, and I like it. It's nice to know that you can carry comfortably without breaking the bank.
  4. SavageGerbil

    SavageGerbil Salem, OR Active Member

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    I wore a Don Hume IWB for quite a while, cheap but really comfortable carrying a single stack auto. 'Course, now that you've slimmed down enough for IWB its hitting jacket weather which makes OWB that much easier too :p
  5. packman

    packman coast Active Member

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    spend the $ and the wait time and get a milt sparks versa max II.
    you will glad you did.i bought several iwb and had almost given up on iwb's
    then came milt
  6. swoop

    swoop Milwaukie, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    My guess is a PM9
  7. telemakos

    telemakos Portland Member

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    I carry a S&W M&P .40 in a IWB for my CCW.

    I gotta tell you that when I gain a few pounds, there's some def. feedback in the way of comfort; tight and uncomfortable!

    It's a fast and effective way to tell me to back off the Ho Ho's for a while.

    So, I guess you could say Concealed Carry is healthy for you in more than one way. :):)
  8. swampertwo

    swampertwo Just moved to Olympic peninsula!! Active Member

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    You can contact John at 5Shot Leather (Vancouver, Wa) and see what he can do for you.

    He does superb work and turn around time is normally quick. He's a protogee of Lou Alessi.
  9. simpleguy

    simpleguy Clackamas Active Member

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    I too carry an M&P .40 IWB in a Ted Blocker DA3, they are local, which makes it nice and either a Ted Blocker Belt or a Wilderness Tactical Belt sold at Oregon Firearms Academy Store........You can't go wrong.....though I too have had the itch to go to a Milt Sparks VMII.

    ps. I too carry in the 4-5o'clock range, well actually 7-8o'clock since I am left handed.
    Sometimes I use the tuckable feature, sometimes not....it is nice to have the flexibility to do either.
  10. unionguy

    unionguy Portland Active Member

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    Do you carry the M&P40c or the FS? I have the FS and was wondering how that would fare in a CC situation? If you are using the Full-Size, what's your body size (so I can compare, I'm 6'2" and 198lbs).

  11. Gendaito

    Gendaito PDX Member

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    the Milt Sparks VMII is nice, I have them for the Glock, P7, and Sig 228. Very comfortable and easy to draw from.
  12. Hawaiian

    Hawaiian Tigard Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I agree. The VMII makes a world of difference for IWB carry.
  13. Wenis

    Wenis Tri-Cities, WA Member

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    agreed, I also own a VMII for a 4" 1911 and it's miles better than anything else for comfort
  14. WhyteCheddar

    WhyteCheddar East of Moscow by the Willamette Well-Known Member

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    Thats what I carry as well. Bladetech nano is what works for me. Medium price range and nearly local. :thumbup:
  15. telemakos

    telemakos Portland Member

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    I carry the full size. I'm also 6'2" though, I've got an extra stone on you, tipping at about 218.

    As far as ever having to draw it (which I train for, but work on making sure it never happens), I think that it'll do just fine. The pistol fits my hand perfectly, it puts steel on target - where I'm aiming. And it's def. a large firearm; maybe a few psychological points in our favor there, hmmh?
  16. techieguy

    techieguy Well-Known Member

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    Just wanted to put another vote out there for the Milt Sparks VMII ! I carry a government model on me without any problems! The pistol is very easy to get to with an untucked shirt, and only takes less than half second longer with a shirt thats tucked in. Unless somebody knows what to look for, with the shirt tucked in nobody would know your carrying. Milt Sparks holsters are worth the wait...