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I found a preowned Diana 48 for sale locally and I was able to bring it home yesterday. Mounted a 3-12 Hawke Nite Eye scope and gave it a first go.
First shot was very high at 20 yards but got it close to the center bull before moving to 36 yards, my preferred shooting distance.
Spread some out shooting at the left bull but did a little better shooting at the right. Hopefully I can improve after I get used to it and find a pellet it prefers. I’ve very little experience with a spring gun.
This seems to be a well built gun and I think I’m going to like the T05 trigger.



Good to see another springer brought back to life! As Frank RW would remind you, shooting a springer is something of an art, rather than a skill, and it needs some careful thinking about to get the very best results.

I'm hoping that you'll heed a couple of bits of advice from him and me about holding the gun in the first place.

Never rest the gun on a hard surface - it will shoot pellets like a garden hose if you you do.

By all means rest it on top of your hand, or, if you hold it, use a somewhat relaxed grip and don't try and impress your fingerprints into the stock.

You'll need to try a number of different pellet styles and weights before settling on one that works for you. The difference can be amazing. Here in UK, where we have a HUGE airgun following of all types [in fact, many professional pest controllers use them out to 80 - 90 yards with the higher-power versions of PCP rifles] we have at least ten different airgun magazines.

This little orphan of mine - a Diana Model 22 - was found in the attic of a house under demolition. I cleaned it up, put new washers in it, and made a small effort to making it look presentable again. It's at least 60 years old, but easily perforates both sides of a bean can at 20 yards...

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