First time buyers experience: The Baron's Den & Shooting Range (Eugene,OR)

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    Just wanted to share the experience I had buy my first pistol.

    I was undecided about the gun I wanted. I had narrowed it down to two and I wanted to try them out. I had heard that Baron's Den had an indoor range, and a large selection of handguns to rent. Plus... they didn't require "the buddy" system that other ranges told me they required. Also, my Dad lives in Eugene and he told me he really likes Baron's Den and that he's bought at least 3 guns from them. So I made the drive to check it out.

    In total I went there three times before I picked up my gun.

    The first time I went in, I was a little disappointed. I spent probably 10 -15 minutes in the store looking at stuff before anyone even greeted me or even said hello. Granted they were all with customers, but a simple, "We'll be with you a bit, sir" would have sufficed. Eventually a younger skinny fellow asked what I was there for and I told him I wanted to try out X gun and Y gun from their rentals. The customer he was with allowed him to step away and take care of me.

    I did my test fire, paid and left with about as much attention as I received when I came in. I was a little bit soured, but nothing to get my panties in a bunch over. I know how it goes in busy retail sometimes.

    I made the decision on the gun I wanted but figured I'd buy it from a local salem shop. It's where I live and I'd prefer to support the local guys. I hit a few shops in town and nobody had what I wanted in stock. Plus I as getting the same story over and over.. "These are hot right now, and they're harder to get in stock, and their's a minimum month wait to get one." Three places told me that, (Ole's, 12th st, and they guy on 25th). Well I knew Baron's had one cause I saw it when I did my test fire. So I called em, they said they still have ONE, so I drove down right then and put money down on it. I'm a layaway guy. :)

    This would be my second visit. And a different guy, a short grumpy guy with glasses and a beard helped me. Or rather... I forced him to help me. I work nights, and I needed to get down there, put the money down, drive back and try and get a nap before I went to work, so I didn't want to waste any more time than I had to. I went in and waited about 3 minutes. He was standing alone and not acknowledging me, so I went up and said, "Can you help me? I'd like to put some money down on a gun". I thought the notion of sale might ignite SOMETHING in him, I thought we'd strike up conversation, maybe he'd compliment me on my choice, ask about my other guns, ask how I heard about the shop... I was fully expecting to tell him that my Dad had bought multiple guns here, and said it was great, and that I was looking forward to coming in with him on my next visit and both of us shooting here.. but no.. he just said, "Which one" and filled out my paperwork. Ho-Hum... nothing special. Maybe it's nothing special to him, but it was my first gun. And I was (and still am) very much in love with this gun. It's bad @$$ and it turns me on every time I look at it. Now granted, I was only spending a little over $500, and I wasn't dropping $1500 on an AR or anything, but it was a big deal for me. But whatever... I figured.. they have the gun I want, I'll buy it and then that will be the end of it. So I put down my money, got my receipt and left.

    A month later, I go down with much lower expectations. I'm planning on just paying it off, maybe shooting it there a bit, and leaving. With no expectations of coming back. I walked in a couple minutes after they opened. The parking lot was full, so I expected to have to wait a few minutes to get helped. But as soon as I walked in the door a large man who was obviously full of joy said to me, "Good morning sir, what can I help you with?!!" It caught me by surprise to be honest with you. I told him I was here to pay off, and pick up my gun. He said, "GREAT!!, What's the last name?". I won't go into a line-by-line, play by play, but he was great. What I told him what I was picking up he made that face that you make when you take a bite of a fantastic dessert. You know that , "Oh man that's good" face. He went on to tell me about how great my gun was and how cool he thought they were. I'm sure he was blowing smoke up my ***, but I didn't care... that's what I wanted... stroke my ego man... that's what sales is all about. While we were waiting for my background to go through he offered me "some fresh coffee that he just made" and anytime there was a long pause of silence he filled it with conversation. It made me feel welcomed, and it put a smile on my face.

    So.. if anyone from Baron's Den is reading this... Steve saved your *** from losing a future customer. Cause I had no intention of making the drive to come back down there. And my addiction to guns has only just begun. I've already decided that I need a .22 for plinking and for teaching the kids, a deer rifle, a shotgun, and a AK/Saiga type of which I haven't decided yet.

    Overall, I like the place. The shop is very cool. Lots of old wood, and lots of cool guns on the walls and out on the counter to fondle... they even have a Tommy Gun you can shoot... and a couple old guys hanging around talking. I love that. Plus I love range that is literally RIGHT BEHIND YOU. I like hearing people shooting while I'm looking.

    I know how retail sales and customers can go, and how you might not think you're doing any harm, but from the customer side of things it CAN come off negatively. A simply, "Hey man... sorry for the wait, we'll be with you as soon as we can alright. There's coffee of there if you want" goes a long, long ways.

    Thanks Steve.
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    Yes, Steve is the crown jewel. Bear is the grumpy guy and that is the same attitude I've received from him. I think it's just his personality but not very conducive to retail sales. He does know his AR's and equipment though. Ray is the resident Glock guru...I don't think he particularly cares about any other guns if they aren't a block of plastic.

    I hope they treat Steve exceptionally well because my business would follow him. He used to work the gun counter at Andersons Sporting Goods in downtown Eugene if anybody remembers. He was excellent there also.
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    ROFLMAO Steve Huey has one of the Knife grinders I designed and built. We both started out in Knifemaking at about the same time. Real nice guy Him and his dad used to have a cutlery store in downtown Eugene no doubt where he learned his people skills.

    he's a good guy all around
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    If you are talking about who I think you are, yeah, Steve is a great guy. I've been in there and had chats with him on many occasions. Bear is kinda grumpy, may be where he got his name?

    Ray is ok, sometimes he can come-off as kind of "distant", but its not too bad. I think he is just very busy most of the time.

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