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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Fisher Bill, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    My name is Bill and I am located south of Hillsboro, Or up in the hills and I just purchased my second gun.

    My first weapon is an Ithica model 37 2.75" full choke 12 GA, bottom load/bottom eject that I bought from a neighbor when I was 13 years old, now at the age of 51 I bought my second piece, a Stainless Rossi .357 4in barrel.

    So now that I've obtained my CC license I'm looking to purchase another 357 revolver with a 2" barrel, the problem is I have to rely on my friends to tell me the differences between different models, I know what I have will shoot .38 & .357, I want to be simple and buy something that any of the ammo I currently have will work with so with that in mind I decided to join this well known forum so that I can learn more about guns in general.

    I do know the basics but with so many brands, calibers and styles it does get confusing so I may ask stupid questions if I can't find the answers through the search fields so your patience is appreciated.

    I do carry my current pistol while walking the dog at night due to the increase of cougar sightings and a more recent black bear sighting in our area but plan to carry more while vacationing with the wife on the road.

    Looking forward to learning more about everything in general because I have about 30 years to make up.

    So hello everyone!

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    Welcome aboard.
  3. JennyC

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    Welcome Bill! Hope you enjoy the site :)

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