First handloads tested

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by ORBrit, Jun 25, 2009.

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    I got to test my first batch of .22-250 loads today.
    I had 3 rounds of each, 34 to 36 gr varget with Nosler 55gr Ballistic tip in .5 grain increments.

    Shooting from prone position with a bipod at 100 yards
    Savage 12 BVSS with Nikon Buckmaster 6-18x40 scope

    Group 1 aim point bullseye 34 Gr
    Group 2 on another target
    Group 3 aim point 3 o'clock 35 Gr
    Group 4 aim point 6 o'clock 35.5 Gr (3 shots 1 ragged hole)
    Group 5 on another target

    I'm pretty happy with the results - definitely found the sweet spot I'd say!
    the black target is a 6" diameter stick on.

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