First day shooting 938. Noticed a dent in the cartridge...

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by jbtmo, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Hi all, this is my first post (after saying hello).

    I bought a P938 a month ago. Finally got a descent cleaning kit. So I took the gun apart, what a chore to put back together. Today I was over by Wades so I went in there to shoot a box through it. I had pro there look at it before, he pulled it apart, too. (wish I could do it like they did :)

    I put a couple of magazines through it before I realized how the sights were aligned. Finally was able to stay in the 10 from 25. As I was reloading the next mag, I saw a cartridge had a dent in it. Started looking at all the others around me and they were all dented. Just below the top, hm? See the picture. I'm curious if any other Sig owners have noticed this?

    After the range, I checked with a couple of the pros in the shop. One guy came over and asked if: any misfire? did they all eject? did you try different magazines? different type of ammo? - All positive. (no, yes, yes, yes)

    He pulled the slide back and showed me where the ejection is making the cartridge hit the back of the slide on the way out. Since I don't reload my stuff, I'm not worried as long as it gets out the port. From today's fun - those things FLY out of there, I found one in my bag 5 feet away.

    Anyways - anyone have any input? The guy also told me that I can find a gunsmith and have the part it's hitting ground down. I'm not sure if I want to make the change if I don't have to. Kind of like a tattoo on each cartridge :))

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    Hmm, my Kimber .45acp has always dented the brass on and off just like that, not as much when it does, and it irons out OK in the re-sizing.

    Wifey has a 938 Extreme on order. I hope hers doesn't do that when she gets it, looks like it might not iron out well during re-sizing. Maybe once your gun breaks in a little more? Keep us posted.

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    Al little extractor tuning by a competent smith can fix that. I would contact Sig and they should fix it for free. Send them the pictures of the brass
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    A customer asked me about that the other day... Well, I just happened to have my most recent brass available.

    We went through them. He found 1 dent. I found none. There was maybe ~100 casings in the bag. It seems to me, it should not be doing that.

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