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First AK SBR Build

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by SICARIO, Mar 6, 2014.


    SICARIO Oregon City Active Member

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    More details in the NFA Section (where it should have been posted in the first place.....)

    Romanian DRACO SBR

    gevu5yma.jpg turutu9a.jpg 4yhyvude.jpg

    Here are the build details

    -Romanian DRACO pistol (registered as an SBR)
    -Ultimak top rail shortened for the Draco
    -magpul 870 hand guard, channeled for the barrel, side relief cuts for the ultimak, aluminum rear tang insert (standard bar stock that fits the dimensions of the hand guard slot)
    -Carolina Shooter Supply AR style handguard bracket (doubles as a recoil lug)
    -magpul AK grip
    -ACE AR style folder
    -rear trunion machined and tapped to accommodate folding mechanism
    -Magpul CTR stock assembly
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  2. 206thsense

    206thsense Seattle, WA, USA Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Nice looking AK. You have any pics of the process you did to cut and fit the Magpul 870 handguard to your Draco? That's definitely an interesting mod...
  3. TwinStick

    TwinStick In the wind Active Member

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    Nice AK. Kinda looks like that stolen one...just sayin.
  4. peetar

    peetar Kitsap County Active Member

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    I was just over on arfcom looking at this and asked you a question about the process. ;)
    There are some other threads around on how to attach magpul stuff to AKs. Looks really good.

    SICARIO Oregon City Active Member

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    I'm assuming sarcasm here since it was a 14" saiga .223 that was stolen and this is a 10.5" Romanian DRACO 7.62x39, also registered with the ATF as a Short Barrel Rifle.....

    Sorry, after posting on the rifle forum here, I realized it should have been posted in the NFA section. Here is the link to the NFA post that also explains the handguard attachment: http://www.northwestfirearms.com/threads/first-ak-sbr.164969/#post-1074635

    The rear aluminum tab is just held in with friction (angled so it acts as a spring for retention). It could be drilled and tapped into the receiver though. Saiga Rifles already have that hole, so it would be easy to drill and tap the aluminum to match up to the receiver hole. The handguard itself has a rectagular slot that the aluminum fits pretty tight into, used a dead blow to get it in there. It won't come out since there are no longitudinal forces on it since the front Carolina Shooter Supply Bracket acts as a recoil lug