First Aid Cert in Vancouver area???

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by shibbershabber, Mar 19, 2018.

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    Hey all

    Looking for a basic First Aid/CPR certification course in the Vancouver area.

    Not looking for anything other than basic stuff with some CPR.

    Ive seen a few, but seem pretty high priced.

    Any suggestions?
    How much is an appropriate cost for 1st Aid certification?
    There will be three of us, maybe 4... if that helps

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    According to ARC website nothing in Vancouver per se, but Portland’s ARC offers adult fa, cpr, aed classes for 93$ for the six hour course.

    Now the real question(s)...

    do you need the little white cards for some mandatory reason? Then this fills the bill! Money well spent if it gets you employed or keeps you that way.

    Are you seeking specialized fa training to cover some specific type of injury, e.g., gunshot, or longer term emergency care for injuries sustained while hiking, situational injury care based on your perceived needs?

    If so you will be sorely disappointed in the glossed over fa instruction which won’t cover anything you truly thought you needed and you will need to find a specality trainer in emergency medical to assist. (See if you can find someone willing to spend time w/your group for dinner, e.g., pizza or cheep something!)
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    First Aid and CPR are usually TWO separate classes.
    Here is the COV link to CPR/First Aid resources in the Vancouver area.
    (scroll down to the links)
    CPR Training & Information | City of Vancouver Washington
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