Fireworks amd civil disobedience

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bakersman345, Dec 6, 2015.

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    *As many of you know here in Vancouver wa they outlawed personal fireworks, (mores Ronan candles, Saturn missiles, etc.)
    We were one of the last "city's" that had the right to blow bubblegum up on the forth. The city decided we couldn't be trusted even though no houses were burnt down.
    Ike most true Americans I love sending explosives into the air to celebrate becomeing a country and rembering the blood of men fighting for freedom.
    (2016 is the last year we are allowed to use them)

    Anyway I want to organize a get together each year around city hall where we all bring some fireworks and set them off. They can kiss our collective bottoms, and we can fight tyranny on a local level
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    I used to live in a neighborhood in Beaverton that always went nuts on July 4th with rockets and such, even though they were completely illegal. Cops never showed up...

    Fireworks are always a nice big FU to the ruling class. On the other hand I saw a fire started up on the McKenzie river because some idiot set some off on a very dry day in the forest. Use with discretion...
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    What pisses me off are the idiot vegan/pet types that bubblegum about EVERY holiday and how its somehow scary or bad for their pet..

    Jesus christ.

    The ones that got to me were the anti independence day folks, saying it freaked their animals out, so it should be banned.

    The fireworks represent the battle,
    The day represents our freedom from tyranny.. Ironically not anymore with the banning of nearly all fireworks.
    Its a day of celebration and appreciation.. Thats what people forget, they could care less.

    Its sad that now all we get are snakes and sparklers..
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    " Its sad that now all we get are snakes and sparklers.."

    What the heck, just take the old AR outside and let a few mags go in the air:p

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