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Do you think funding for drug and alcohol programs in Oregon should be supplemented with a beer tax?

From $2.50 or something per barrel to $50... :complain:

it's a 1900% tax increase on beer... story below...

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total BS. If the brewing industry gets pissed at Oregon we're out another 1000 jobs (no facts used for this number).

Just did some math...

I majored in beergonomics in College...

(16 ounce pints)((only figuring keg based sales))

So at the current rate of $2.50 per keg of tax that works out to .02016 per pint. So $.02 of your $2.00 PBR is is tax. Pint price minus tax is $1.98.

Under the proposed tax of $50 per keg we'd pay $.4032 per pint. Raising the per pint cost to $2.3832... rounded to $2.38.

That's a nearly a 20&#37; increase...

I'll say I drink about 365 of these a year, my increase would be $147.17. Jeez that's tough to swallow.



Write your legislator monkey in Salem right now. I did:

Mr. Read:

Last fall , you knocked on my door and asked for my support. I was so impressed by that simple (and largely forgotten, in our political society) effort that I voted for you, at the last minute, even though I found myself disagreeing with you, pretty much on every important issue.

You see, Mr. Read, I am an old-school, limited government, free-market conservative. I know that's an anachronism, and I am preparing to be re-educated by the state any day now, but as long as I still enjoy basic constitutional freedoms I intend to exercise them. You asked for input, and I have a thought or two to share today.

The Bill referenced in the subject line of this email is especially onerous to me. I spent ten years working and managing a small, friendly neighborhood tavern that enjoys a clientele that provides owner and staff with decent livings and is a gathering place for all types of folks in the neighborhood, and most of them are not alcoholics whose vices create a burden for the state. I am retired from the tavern/restaurant business, and now make my living in the real estate sector. Woe is me.

I know that 3 years ago a barrel of locally-produced and heavily taxed microbrew cost the bar $110. I don't remember how much of that was tax. The proposal to increase the tax on a barrel of beer by over 45&#37; of its retail price will increase the cost of a pint of beer by about fifty cents. (I allow 100 pints/barrel because even the most skilled tapsman cannot draw the full 128 pints from a 15.5-gallon barrel.) A pint in the local tavern now averages $3.50-4.00.

Mr. Read, you worked in the private sector, as much as Nike is still a for-profit concern. I fear our bailout and stimulus efforts have blurred the line between public and private ventures, but that is a rant for another day. This proposal is going to put a lot of people out of work, Mr. Read and they're not "just bartenders and waitresses", they are honest working people raising families, some with no help from spouse or family. History tells us you can't tax people into prosperity. It's time for the State legislature to be trimming wasteful programs and petty graft from government. It's time to tighten our belts and find ways to save money. We can expand the state another day, if it's the will of the legislature (I'm not sure it's the will of the people). Tax increases in a recession are fatal to any meaningful recovery.

I urge to you vote against this stinking turd of an idea.

I also would respectfully request some acknowledgment that you, or someone on your staff has actually read this email. I get vapid auto-response email from Sen. Merkley's office. His (lack of) response to citizens in a time of crisis have already convinced me he is unfit for office. I intend to put forth some effort to help replace him in six years.

Your example of reaching out to people face-to-face has inspired me, Mr. Read, to become more active in voicing my concerns politically. Thank you.

They get away with this garbage because we let them. The current joke is that most conservatives don't protest because we're all at work. The jerks in Salem are counting on that. It takes 5 minutes to dash off an email and let them know we vote, and we're watching.


Oh good, let's tax some more jobs right out of our state. The brewers will just move to another state, then ship the beer to Oregon. Very bad idea, no Black Butte Porter, or Dead guy Ale? very bad, very bad indeed. :confused:


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