I am wondering the condition and value of a couple firearms I recently inherited from my father. I'm not looking to sell them, but my brother and I are wanting to divide them up fairly between us. I have a couple older firearms such as an early production 1984 Winchester in .38-.55, and a Frankenstein Colt SAA (barrel is marked frontier six shooter, but the frame serial number puts the production year of the frame much later than the barrel). So far I've figured out the values can swing pretty far in each direction depending on the condition, and the SAA having the barrel replaced I know definitely devalues the pistol.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a local business that would have the expertise to give me an approximate condition rating, and/or value. (Portland Metro Area/ WA side preferred, but I'm willing to travel any distance for reliable info),

Thank you in advance for any help.

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