Firearms-makers to politicians on gun rights: You balk, we walk

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by vertical ascent, Feb 23, 2013.

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    LaRue Tactical Effective today, in an effort to see that no legal mistakes are made by LaRue Tactical and/or its employees, we will apply all current State and Local Laws (as applied to civilians) to state and local law enforcement / government agencies. In other words, LaRue Tactical will limit all sales to what law-abiding citizens residing in their districts can purchase or possess. Olympic Arms Due the passing of this legislation, Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity - will no longer be served as customers. In short, Olympic Arms will no longer be doing business with the State of New York or any governmental entity or employee of such governmental entity within the State of New York - henceforth and until such legislation is repealed, and an apology made to the good people of the State of New York and the American people. Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC The Federal Government and several states have enacted gun control laws that restrict the public fromowning and possessing certain types of firearms. Law-enforcement agencies are typically exempt from these restrictions. EFI, LLC does not recognize law-enforcement exemptions to local, state, and federal gun control laws. If a product that we manufacture is not legal for a private citizen to own in a jurisdiction, we will not sell that product to a law-enforcement agency in that jurisdiction. Templar Custom We will not sell arms to agents of the state of New York that hold themselves to be "more equal" than their citizens. As long as the legislators of New York think they have the power to limit the rights of their citizens, in defiance of the Constitution, we at Templar will not sell them firearms to enforce their edicts. Templar Custom is announcing that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee will no longer be served as customers. York Arms Based on the recent legislation in New York, we are prohibited from selling rifles and receivers to residents of New York. We have chosen to extend that prohibition to all governmental agencies associated with or located within New York. As a result we have halted sales of rifles, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, machine guns, and silencers to New York governmental agencies. Cheaper than Dirt Recently, companies such as LaRue Tactical and Olympic Arms have announced that they will no longer sell prohibited items to government agencies and personnel in states that deny the right to own those items to civilians. It has been and will continue to be Cheaper Than Dirt’s policy to not to sell prohibited items to government agencies and/or agents in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their citizens. We support and encourage other companies that share in this policy.
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    I think we need to start calling the big gun companies and tell them to get on board.
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    While a good movement among smaller makers, until S&W, Ruger, Glock, Springfield, Remington and other big players do it it will likely be a fart in the wind.
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    Cheaper Than Dirt can go "juicy-fart" into the wind as far as I'm concerned...

    I've spend TONS of money with them in the past 4 years, then they pulled their recent profiteering BS on outstanding orders... I've bought from everywhere ELSE but them, and will continue to do so for the forseeable future.
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