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That was beautiful to watch a year ago when it happened. It was beautiful to watch again today.
In fact, I think I'll watch it a few more times. Always so satisfying to see the dobads get a little instant karma... :)
A few high-velocity lead injections woulda put an end to that, toot-sweet! Woulda sent a message to other copycat dobads, too...

Oh, wait! It's Kommiefornicateia... never mind... I really don't understand why people can't just shoot these asshats... :s0092:
Perhaps he should pull over speeders instead of scaring people following the rules and driving the speed limit. Just another cog in the "teach people to obey thru fear" agenda. Every day closer to a dictatorship...

@Flopsweat Not picking on you my friend.
I would much rather the cop tell people that are blocking the flow of traffic by doing the speed limit in the left (passing ) lane to GTF out of the way and stay in the right-hand lanes and leave the left lane for passing, which is actually why it's there in the first place... The whole boolscheet argument of people doing the speed limit in the passing lane and claiming that's just fine because "I pay my taxes, so I can drive the speed limit is this lane" is totally imbecilic, selfish, and moronic.

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