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Is that michael moore?
And a HK416 with a redfield?
You'd be suprised. My machine gun had a $30 airsoft sight on it when I bought it. It also didn't fit the rail properly and wiggled around. Sometimes people with awesome kit cheap out at the weirdest places.
I have a feeling his desert storm was when the IHOP ran out of all you can eat pancakes and raged at all the customers who didnt finish their plates off.
“ Can you believe all these INFIDELS? Look at this! Syrup and Freedom Cakes left on your plate?! Why when I was your age I had a quadruple stack and my 1000 round a second A-Salt AR15M4 with over under 8 gauge semi/ full auto laser pulse shotgun with 3500 round clipazine!” Screams Gravy Seal Moore! :s0108:
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