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    I am new to this site and a new happy owner of a No.4 MK1 .303 british rifle. Its a very reliable firearm but the ammo is expensive and hard to find. It seems actually most ammo right now with the current energy in the government is getter harder and more expensive to find. I did not have a gun growing up neither did my parents approve of gun ownership, infact being of strict religious background they frowned upon it. Now being an adult and living and working on a 170 acre ranch in southwest oregon I see the usefullness of a good firearm. SO, I reach out to my community, you here on NWF for help and insight in my new roll as a gun owner. Being a gun owner and one who has very little faith in our government to govern I am asking for help and resources from you patriots. I am looking for any information and resources on reloading my own ammunition. I see when I do a search online that most of the reloader kits for this arm are out of stock, as well as most of the brass and shells. Believing in the power that unites those who share the same independent and self sufficient will to live and govern ourselves that I have, I have decided to put this out here. If any of you wonderful patriots could give advice or leads, please do, and know that it is accepted with the utmost gratitude.

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