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Has anyone had difficuty using Fiocchi shotshells? I have experienced hard extractions using 410's with both the S&W Governor, Taurus Judge and the Henry lever action. Upon examining the fired shells next to a Federal shell, I could see where the rim appears to be soft and blows out, making the extraction almost impossible without a ram rod. 410 shot shells.jpg
410 has been so backordered I'm not surprised to see QC lacking. Fiocchi is known for hot ammo… I would send some empties to fiocchi usa with a WTF letter.
I go through a ton of the 12-gauge "Field Dynamics" shooting trap. No problems whatsoever.

The club sells these shells, so I see a lot of other folks shoot them too, again no problems that I can detect.
10 boxes of 25 each = 250 rounds.

Aloha, Mark

PS......YES, I can remember when Bi-Mart had promo shotgun shells selling for less than $5 a box of 25 rounds. Back then, I didn't care what brand it was (Estate). LOL......I still don't. I just like it CHEAP.
Late to the party, but FWIW, my one experience with Fiocchi shotshells left me unimpressed with their quality.

Years ago, when I lived in California, I'd been invited on a quail hunt with some friends of a guy I'd met through a local sportsman's club. One of the guys had brought his 12-ish year-old son on his first hunt after passing Hunter Safety Class. The boy was using a 20 ga. Rem. 870 and Fiocchi shells.

Every shell he fired would jam in the chamber for some reason. He was unable to pump the action afterwards and even the adults had difficulty. I tried and ripped the rim off of a shell and we had to use a screwdriver or something to pry it out.

I tried his Fiocchi shells in my 20 ga. Mossberg 500 and they worked fine. My shells, whatever they were (probably cheap Walmart sale stuff 😆) worked fine in his 870. So, I traded him a full box of my shells for the 15 or so Fiocchi shells he had left.

No point in his hunt being ruined just because he got stuck with some shells his gun didn't like, right?

They worked fine for me, but I've avoided the brand because of that experience.

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