Fie Titan .25, CZ 70 (.32), Bersa UC45

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    I has become painfully obvious, even to me, that i have way too much stuff sitting in my gun safe that I never shoot, so I'm thinning the herd a little.

    First up is an FIE Titan .25 pocket pistol.
    On the left side of the frame it says "Titan cal .25 auto pat. Made in Italy" (probably by Tangfolio)
    On the right side it says " F.I.E. Corp, Miami, Fla"
    There's also a warning on the right side of the slide.
    There is some wear on the slide around the muzzle, and a small bit of chrome flaked off on the right side of the frame above the trigger. (see photos)
    Comes with one 6 round magazine.
    I have fired about half a box of Remington 50 gr. MC L25AP (FMJ) through it without any hiccups of any kind.
    IIRC, one just like this sold on here earlier this year or $100.00, so I'll start this one at $100.00.


    Next is a CZ-70 in .32 ACP. I've shot at least a box of Remington 71 GR. MC L32AP (FMJ) through it without any problems. Double action is very heavy, single action is okay, but not wonderful. Functions fine, but shoots way off to the right. I've tried to move the sights, but they're in there TIGHT.
    One magazine.
    You can get these off of the internet inexpensively, but by the time you pay shipping, transfer fee, background, you'll have $200.00 in it.
    You can have this one for $150.00


    Finally, a gun that I DO shoot, and like a lot, a Bersa UC45.
    The ergonomics of this pistol are outstanding, especially for leftys.
    Ambidextrous safety/decocker and slide release.
    One 7 round magazine.
    I've shot a couple hundred rounds of range fodder through this puppy since I got it earlier this year without any problems whatsoever.
    The only problem I have with it is that I have arthritis in my hands, and the grips are wide enough that they get a little uncomfortable after a while.
    Somebody give me $400.00 for this pistol before I change my mind.


    I live in Newberg and can't travel very far. Can meet up in Tigard, Beaverton around Washington Square, Woodburn, McMinnville.

    Usual cranky-old-man disclaimers apply.

    You will have to show me an ODL or CHL and sign a bill of sale with your ODL# on it.

    Trades are possible, but not likely.

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