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I am thinking hard about getting my FFL and possibly starting a firearms business. I am in the starting stages and just looking into it.
I am thinking about doing a business part time at shows etc and I know there are a few FFL/firearms businesses that post on here. any info would be helpful pertaining to initial overhead, table rentals, advertising, pricing, storage requirements for a home based business and if it truly is lucritive.
what can I expect?

As well if any of the FFL's have a need for assistance at a show, I would work for meager earnings to be able to learn about the business end of firearms. I am knowledgeable in most modern firearms and values. know how to use a computer quite well (i do it for a living), have been in the military for 17 years in logistics and hold a Secret clearance.
My only advise as a new FFL this year... If you are thinking of going LLC (you should be) then apply for the FFL after getting it because you will have to do the whole process over again just to add LLC to the name.
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