Few possible trades, after Glock 19

Discussion in 'Handguns Wanted' started by 12sti, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Looking for a Glock 19. Depending on which trade option, differences can be compensated by money, ammo, or aftermarket stuff to the gun itself.

    Springfield XD-S 45. Flawless operation, low round count, all original parts/magazines + extended mag. Lots of ammo as well. 450 rounds FMJ, 50 rounds JHP, 50 rounds Hydrashock, 20 rounds Zombiemax. Total trade value $700. The ammo isn't cheap. It's all quality. Cash price $625. and free IWB holster

    Yugo SKS. Chrome lined barrel, grenade sights, bayonette, Tapco stock and trigger, original stock in excellent condition, adjustable stock. 2 magazine's. Magazine pouches. Plus 400 rounds of non-corrosive ammunition. Trade value $500ish? Ballpark? Cash price $450.

    M&P Shield 9mm. Stock with all accessories/magazines. Ameriglo Tritium sights installed. Mint gun. Leather OWB holster. $500

    After a Glock 19. Accessories and changes are welcome. Let me know what you have.
    CPL holder.

    I'd also sell any of this for a fair price and pay cash for a G19, so regardless let me know what is out there.
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